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Namespace in Referenced Project Present in Autocomplete Before Building, but Causes Compile Error After Building
by Tanclearas in Programming Languages

I have a class library project which uses a namespace (e.g., "Cosmos.Creator.Util"). I then create a solution and windows forms application to test the library. From the windows form application, I add a reference to the library. So now I have two projects open in visual studio, a class library and a windows forms project. The forms project references the library.

When I edit my

building a C++ project on Linux platform (or more specifically: building CLIPS on Ubuntu 9.10)
by tong in C & C++ & C#

I'm in the process of moving from XP to Linux. (I'm new to Linux)

I have succesfully installed CLIPs on Ubuntu, using the SPM. I would however, like to build CLIPS from the sources - since I will be extending its current functionality.

I have downloaded the CLIPS sources (v6.2.4) from

in to my /hom

Error building my app to my ipod touch:building with 'Targeted Device Family' set to iPhone only ('1') not supported with SDK 'Dev
by NextInLine in Programming Languages

So I finished coding my app, and downloaded the development profile n all that good stuff with the entitlements, etc; but I get these warnings:

ld: warning: in /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneSimulator4.0.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/CoreGraphics, file was built for i386 which is not the architecture being linked (armv7)

How Can Diversity Training Increase Awareness Building or Skill Building?
by Scott Smith in Business
Providing employees with the tools for successful job performance is essential. One such tool is diversity training, which means increasing employee awareness about the differences as well as the similarities among employees who comprise the employer’s workforce, and the employer’s client base or population served. The Basics of Diversity TrainingGenerally speaking, the traditional

Building Brace Supports for a Shed Roof Off of an Existing Building
by NTMBK in Careers & Job Searching
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Building HTML with templates versus building it in javascript?
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Javascript

I recently started making web apps, and while I make some stuff that works, I'm not sure of the best practices.

Up to now, I've mostly used the templating systems of Django, web.py and PHP. But now that I'm using jQuery and nice ajaxy magic to get data from the server without refreshing the client, I'm seeing the advantages of building the HTML directly in javascript (so I can just

California Building Code Requirements for Building a Deck
by xSauronx in Home & Garden
Adding a deck can open up your home to the outdoors through relatively simple labor and basic construction. However, an improperly constructed deck can expose you to potentially disastrous consequences. If building a deck in California, you'll need to ensure compliance with the California State Building Code. In addition, be sure to comply with local code, as many county or municipal ordinances ma

How to Turn an Apartment Building Into a Commercial Building
by Matias in Home & Garden
Commercial real estate can be an office building, retail store or complex. Converting an apartment building, a residential structure, to a commercial building requires remodeling, zoning and permitting. It also means attaining help from an architect and construction manager if you do not have the expertise to handle the conversion yourself. After you purchase the property, the first item of busine

How to Make Building-To-Building Wireless Connections
by rajnesh in Computers
New technological advancements in wireless technology have now made it possible to connect networks that are physically apart by distances of several hundred to several thousand meters. Using such a technology helps in reducing the cost of installing and maintaining individual network lines (such as a T1) or connecting the networks though wired or fiber-optic cables. New products allow bridging of

Community Building and Team Building Exercises
by Bruce in Careers & Job Searching
Community-building and team-building exercises are meant to help align a group to maximize overall performance. The most successful exercises are functional and meant to help members of a group or organization to become motivated to work together toward a larger purpose. These exercises benefit teams that function well as well as those failing to meet their potential. Unity ExerciseOne exercise

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