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Can bullet point list rendering in MediaWiki be changed with add/insert feature for individual bullet point?
Category : Web Design

I am absolutely new to MediaWiki so I am afraid my question may seem very n00bish!

I am trying to make a community editable site where each topic page will contain only important points(as expandable points) instead of articles/paragraphs. Some of the points may have extra info like explanations, examples, pictures, etc (as nested bullets maybe?) which can be seen as tabs only if th

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How to Add a Bullet in PHP
Category : PHP
A bullet is used to make items in a list stand out from the rest of the text on a Web page. Use the "<ul>" and "<li>" HTML tags to create bulleted lists. You can use the PHP scripting language to add the values from an array to the list. If you use a PHP array to add values to a list, you only have to change one line to add or delete list items.Difficulty:EasyInstru

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What Is an FTX Bullet?
Category : Sports & Fitness
An FTX bullet is a type of hunting bullet produced by Hornady Manufacturing. The FTX bullet provides improved performance over older styles of bullets, particularly when it ids used in lever-action rifles with tubular magazines. Though Hornady designed the bullet for use in lever-action rifles, hunters and shooters can also use the bullet in other rifles, muzzleloaders (with a sabot) and revolvers

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libgdx bullet example
Category : Programming Languages

I try run this code

In Windows it does not work and crashes with an error

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Couldn't load shared library: 'gdx-bullet' for target Windows 7, 32-bit
at com.badlogic.gdx.utils.SharedLibraryLoader.load(SharedLibraryLoader.java:151)
at com.badlogic.gdx.physics.bullet.Bullet.init(Bu

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css bullet in firefox
Category : Web Design
<li> test </li>

by default when view on firefox, the test is shifted to the right hand side? how to made it align to the left ?

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AS3 Bullet Removal
Category : Programming Languages


I'm trying to get my bullet instances to get deleted once they leave the screen, but I get this:

Error 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method removeChild through a reference with static type __AS3__.vec:Vector.<Bullet>.

This is where the error directs to:

private function manageBullets(event:Event):void {

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Parts of a Bullet
Category : Sports & Fitness
Firearm ammunition and its construction is a vast, specialized part of the firearms world. Different ammunition exists for different purposes and is optimized for maximum performance in different areas. Precision target shooters use ammunition specifically designed for maximum accuracy out of a single rifle, while police departments use ammunition designed to stop a threat as quickly as possible.

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How Does a Bullet Work?
Category : Sports & Fitness
html class="Corporate en-US" lang="en-US" xmlns:fb="http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml" xmlns:og="http://ogp.me/ns#" data-channel="corporate">

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What Is a Bullet Casing?
Category : Sports & Fitness
Since the inception of the firearm, the fired projectiles have evolved from small lead balls to jacketed bullet casings that are capable of firing long distances with extreme accuracy. DescriptionA bullet casing is the long cylindrical portion of the bullet cartridge that contains the propellant and the primer and holds the bullet in place.
MaterialsBullet casings are generally made of brass

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PowerPoint Bullet Uses
Category : Education
If you have access to Microsoft's PowerPoint program, then you can make a professional presentation using bullet points. There are many styles of bullet points provided by Microsoft. You can use them to highlight specific information, to showcase lists and to emphasize the main points of your presentation. Opening a New SlideAccess Microsoft PowerPoint on your desktop or from your "Start" menu.

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