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how to create custom business/authorization rules for CSLA Lhotka business objects?
by William Burke in Programming Languages

Need to implement custom business/authorization rules for the product that is based on the well-known CSLA framework.


The logged-in principal or admin can
update her details, not anyone else.
The last user in the system can't be

Currently I know that rules can be applied during setup phase:


Looking to design a tool to Translate Business logic from Stored Procedures to C# Business Layer
by Alberto Maturano in C & C++ & C#

Without getting into a discussion about whether the business logic should be in the database or at the application layer, since it has been covered elsewhere.

My team is translating 100K+ lines of PL/SQL code and moving the logic from the database into the application. We were using VB6 with straight calls to Oracle 9i Stored Procedures and Ad-hoc queries and are now using C#, .net

The Difference Between the Equity Section of a Not-for-profit Business & an Investor-owned Business
by Kagee in Business
Both nonprofit organizations and investor-owned businesses strive to strengthen their balance sheets by increasing assets and decreasing debts and other liabilities. The balance sheets of both operations show equity as a snapshot of the financial health of the organization for a particular period by stating what is owned, owed and invested. Assets in the Equity EquationAssets in a "for profit"

How Do I Apply for a Small Business Federal or State Grant to Start a Business?
by ShortOne in Business
As of September 2010, the federal government does not provide grants for small businesses, but many grant opportunities are available on the state level. Grants are usually issued in the form of incentives to help small businesses gather the funds they need to grow. If you are venturing into the business world and looking to start you own small business, you will probably need to apply for a grant

How Would a Small Business Owner Decide in Which Region of the Country to Locate Her Business?
by juma in Business
Shortly after deciding to open a small business, a prospective entrepreneur should decide exactly where to locate it. Many factors that go into the decision depend upon the type of business. For instance, a strictly online storefront requires an entirely different set of considerations than one relying on a steady stream of foot traffic. The critical concept is to do the appropriate amount of rese

Authentication of a Business Objects (BI) application and retrieving the business trust token for SSO
by Randy K in Web Design

Quite recently I'm integrating a Business Objects app into my iOS application and trying to load its content on a webview. Though I can authenticate (SAP authentication)against the app but I'm unable to retrieve an auth token (bttoken) which is required for single sign on as I'm loading the app's content on a webview. Previously I'm able to persist cookies from a Form/NTLM or even MYSAPSSO2 aut

Creating Projects for Data Access, Business Rules and Business Objects in Visual Studio
by juma in Programming Languages

I have created a solution in Visual Studio to attempt to implement a basic 3-Tier C# Application. I've researched this concept and now I am trying to put it together using different projects for each Tier i.e I have projects for DataAccess, BusinessRules and BusinessObjects.

Should the BusinessRules project contain references to th

How to Start a Business in Maryland: 6 Basic Steps Toward Laying a Solid Foundation for Your New Home Business
by pansapiens in Business
Maryland business owners realize they don't need to lease office space or storefronts. Many flock to the spare rooms in their homes and set them up as home offices. Home businesses can range from tax accounting and graphic-design firms to pet-walking and online tutoring companies. If you plan to start a home business in Maryland, you can maximize your potential for success by laying a solid founda

Proper Accounting for Business Owner Depositing Personal Money Into Business Checking Account
by DCal430 in Business
Transactions between a business owner and her company must be accounted for properly for many reasons. To accurately record how much money the company owes the owner or vice versa, every transfer of cash or transaction must be reported. The IRS is also interested in transactions between companies and their owners in order to make sure that the correct amount of tax is being paid. The method used t

Multi Tenant Service API for Business entities and Business logic
by Lori in Development Tools & Services

We have an application where we wish to expose an large number of database entities and some business logic. Each entity will require the ability to Read , Add, and Update. at this point we do not expect to allow deletion.

the software we build is used in a wide range of business, so of which are multi tenanted operations Bureau services, also some of our clients use this approa

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