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concatenate long and bytearray to another bytearray
by tangsty in Programming Languages

I am trying to concatenate long and bytearray to another bytearray.

I tried like this :

byte[] value1= new byte[16];
byte[] value2= new byte[16];
byte[] finalvalue = new byte[value1.length + value2.length];
long ts = System.currentTimeMillis();
int val = 100;

C to C# Bytearray + hex
by her209 in C & C++ & C#

I'm currently trying to get this C code converted into C#.
Since I'm not really familiar with C I'd really apprecheate your help!

static unsigned char byte_table[2080] = {0};

First of, some bytearray gets declared but never filled which I'm okay with

BYTE* packet = //bytes come in here from a file
int unknownVal = 0;
int un
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bytearray to image asp.net
by kema in Programming Languages

I have a byte array representing a picture. I want to present the picture stored in that byte array in an aspx page. Can I do it using an image or imagemap control? If so - how? If not - what's the solution?

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Bit manipulation from a ByteArray
by mndoci in Programming Languages

I would like to know how to manipulate bits from a ByteArray.
What I need is to shift the bits according to a 'table' that I have.


Bit 0 -> Bit 26
Bit 1 -> Bit 31
Bit 2 -> Bit 17
Bit 31 -> Bit 5

I convert the ByteArray to BitArray using this method

public static BitArray ByteArraytoBit

Get bytearray of a font in C#
by clifton anderson in C & C++ & C#

I'm using iTextSharp at the moment and I would like to use a custom font.

Here's what I have so far:

PrivateFontCollection fonts;
FontFamily family = LoadFontFamily("TheFont.ttf", out fonts);
var reader = new PdfReader("KurtBonne_test.pdf");
var stamper = new PdfStamper(reader,
new FileStream("Kurt Bonne_test_withtext.pdf", FileMode.Create));
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How do I get an IL bytearray from a DynamicMethod?
by ShifterMSK in Programming Languages

As a bit of a novelty, I'm trying to see how different the IL from light weight code generated at runtime looks vs code generated by the VS compiler, as I noticed that VS code tends to run with a different performance profile for things like casts.

So I wrote the following code::

Func<object,string> vs = x=>(string)x;

GUID to ByteArray
by flakekun in Programming Languages

I just wrote this code to convert a GUID into a byte array. Can anyone shoot any holes in it or suggest something better?

public static byte[] getGuidAsByteArray(){
UUID uuid = UUID.randomUUID();
long longOne = uuid.getMostSignificantBits();
long longTwo = uuid.getLeastSignificantBits();
return new byte[] {
(byte)(longOne >>> 56),
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AS3 - ByteArray to bitmap
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Programming Languages

I encoded an image to a ByteArray. How to convert it to a bitmap from that ByteArray?
Thanks. Uli

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Add Buffer to ByteArray
by debuke in Programming Languages

I use winsock to receive a 1024byte buffer like this:

buffer : array[0..1023] of byte;
endarray : array of byte;
hFile : THandle;
dwWritten : DWORD;
dwRead : DWORD;
SetLength (endarray, 3000); //fixxed size (doesn't really matter here, cause I know the size)
hFile := CreateFileW('test.bin', GENERIC_WRITE, FILE_S
TAGS : Buffer ByteArray

python bytearray
by cusideabelincoln in Programming Languages

i am trying to combine several variables into 1 element of a bytearray.

I have the variables:
version, padding, extension, cc
of sizes: 2b, 1b, 1b, 4b

how do i combine them in that order as one byte?

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