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Google Channel API /_ah/channel/connected/ not called while /_ah/channel/disconnected/ is
by frugivore in Development Tools & Services

Using Google Channel API I find that
/_ah/channel/disconnected/ is always called promptly while
/_ah/channel/connected/ is not. Many times I never get a connect call and then get a disconnect call for a channel which the server has not been notified about!

(I saw some people had the opposite problem that disconnect is delayed)

Retrieve Youtube Channel info for “Vanity” channel
by kodeninja in Programming Languages

Given a "vanity url" for a channel (e.g. youtube.com/wheelockcollege, which points to youtube.com/wheelockmarketing1), is there a way to retrieve the channel details?

I'm using the new version 3 of the API, with the latest Python package.

multiple inbound-channel-adapter of spring integration using the same channel
by dummyadresse in Programming Languages

I am using inbound-channel-adapter of spring integration. I want to poll under two different directories -one per file category- and parse the files that are located there. The code that i use is:

<int:channel id="inputChannel"/>
<file:inbound-channel-adapter id="fileInOne"

Register channel with known name, then check and unregister it through that known name without terminate other application channel
by Colorado in Programming Languages

i had problem with application messaging, ...after some question and answer, i went to use Remoting namespace, under System.Runtime namespace...

it worked perfectly, but the matter is when application terminate with exception...
if server stop in not manner, the channel i register will stay registered, ...

i dont have much knowledge over remoting or other related ma

Converting a 4 channel matrix to 1 channel in Android using OpenCV
by Keeper in Android

I've created a matrix from a ARGB_8888 bitmap like this:

Mat detectedFaceMat = Utils.bitmapToMat(bmp1);

The resultant matrix has 4 channels. I now need to compare it to 1 channel matrices. Not sure how to convert the 4 channel to 1 (I only need grayscale).

Create WAV From One WAV for Left Channel & One WAV for Right Channel Using NAudio
by YooperDave in Programming Languages

I'm completely new to audio in .NET, so bear with me.

My goal is to create a single wav file with two channels. The left channel will consist of a voice message (stream generated using SpeechSynthesizer), and the right channel needs to be a simple tone at a given single frequency.

To complicate things a little more, I also need for the right channel tone to "bookend" th

Gracefully handling closed channel with GAE channel api
by nipplefish in Web Design

I am creating a web application using Google App Engine with the Channel API. This is my first attempt at doing anything Ajax-like, and I suspect there is a standard technique for solving my problem, but I've been unable to find it.

My client program will post messages to the server. If the message is not able to be sent, for example, if the channel is closed, what happens to th

How to convert a 1 channel image into a 3 channel with opencv2?
by Seba in Programming Languages

I'm really stumped on this one. I have an image that was [BGR2GRAY]'d earlier in my code, and now I need to add colored circles and such to it. Of course this can't be done in a 1 channel matrix, ans I can't seem to turn the damned thing back into 3.

numpy.dstack() crashes everything

GRAY2BGR does not exist in opencv2

cv.merge(src1, src2, src3, dst) has been

OpenCV: transforming 3 channel image into 4 channel
by Tim Tyrrell in Programming Languages

I am trying to change 3-channel image into 4-channel like this:

cv::VideoCapture video;
cv::Mat source;
cv::Mat newSrc;
int from_to = { 0,0, 1,1, 2,2, 3,3 };
for ( int i = 0; i < 1000; i ++ )
video >> source;
cv::mixChannels ( source, 2, newSrc, 1, from_to, 4 );

Then I

AS3 - Sound Channel no repeat but plays other channel
by LookBehindYou in Programming Languages

Here's my question

On my Main Stage I added this code to have a sound repeat, it works fine on this stage and loops well

var HP1sound:Sound = new HP_sound();
var HP_channel:SoundChannel = new SoundChannel();
function playSound():void
HP_channel.addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, onComplete);

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