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How to calculate the time needed to calculate a SHA-256 hash?
by Funkwarrior in Development Tools & Services

I need to find a SHA-256 hash function delay on a device which has 200 MHz CPU speed. How could I do that, is there anyone who has the answer for much faster or slower device?

on draging the image how to calculate the angle ? I want to calculate the direction in angle when i drag the image in android?
by nobodyzzz in Android

I am getting stucked in problem that i want to calculate the angle and direction that in which direction and angle i dragged or moved the image in android.

Please tell us how to approach in this scenario?

How to Calculate Kb From Ka
by Thierry Brunet in Education
The Bronsted Lowry definition of an acid and a base is that an acid donates hydrogen ions, whereas a base receives the hydrogen ions. The Kb is the base dissociation constant, or the way in which the ions that compose the base separate into their positive and negative components. The Ka is the acid dissociation constant. The larger the value of Kb, the stronger the base, and the larger the value o
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Calculate in C#
by TC. in C & C++ & C#

Hello everyone I am trying to make since of what I am doing wrong or maybe I am over thinking it again. I am trying to create a class and in the class I am calling 2 private variables such as num1 and num2. Then i create a public property that corresponds to num 1 and num2. Then after I create that I need to create a public overriable method called calculate and this will add the two variables

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How to Calculate Ka1
by Anton Tupy in Education
Calculating the first dissociation constant (Ka1) requires several steps. Concept applicability must be established---Ka1 makes sense only with polyprotic (multiple-hydrogen) acids. Once the polyprotic acid is identified, consider the general Ka1 formula: Ka1 = [H+][HA-]/[H2A]. Detail and interpretation of this formula needs to be taken into account when deciding calculation reliability--what if [
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How do I Calculate MCA?
by weenerdog in Home & Garden
The minimum circuit ampacity (MCA) calculation for air conditioners and heat pumps establishes the minimum size of the branch circuit conductors--control switches and wiring--you need to supply your A/C or heater unit. The MCA is usually published on the equipment's nameplate, but you can calculate it yourself after locating a few figures on your product.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things Y
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How to Calculate the VPD
by CrimsonGore in Home & Garden
Over the last two decades much attention has been directed toward greenhouse climate conditions. Some of the concern stems from the recent reports of greenhouse gas emissions, disease threat, global warming and irrigation control. One of the factors of greenhouse condensation control is vapor pressure deficit (VPD.) According to the Ohio State University, vapor pressure deficit is the difference b
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How to Calculate MHR
by Koen Willemse in Sports & Fitness
Calculating your maximum heart rate helps to determine your heart's training zone. The maximum heart rate is the highest your pulse rate can go. Following a straightforward formula gets you the number you want to help determine the range your heart should be in while working out. If you want to know where your heart should be for a maximum workout, grab a pencil and paper and start calculating.Dif
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How to Calculate CPP
by pttr in Business
The Canada Pension Plan, or CPP, is a plan that workers contribute to while employed and receive benefits from when they retire or become disabled. All working people are required to contribute to the CPP, and provided you have contributed, you are eligible to receive CPP payouts starting at age 65 (though you can receive reduced payouts beginning at age 60). Employers and employees alike can calc
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How to Calculate NCR?
by saikoh in Education
NCR is defined as the number of ways that objects or people can be arranged. Calculating NCR can be challenging but it is possible one you learn and understand the formula. The following formula can be used to calculate combinations with repetition.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need

The Formula: NCR with repetiti

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