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How to calculate the time needed to calculate a SHA-256 hash?
by Funkwarrior in Development Tools & Services

I need to find a SHA-256 hash function delay on a device which has 200 MHz CPU speed. How could I do that, is there anyone who has the answer for much faster or slower device?

on draging the image how to calculate the angle ? I want to calculate the direction in angle when i drag the image in android?
by nobodyzzz in Android

I am getting stucked in problem that i want to calculate the angle and direction that in which direction and angle i dragged or moved the image in android.

Please tell us how to approach in this scenario?

How to Calculate GDA
by Luxembourg in Health
The acronym GDA stands for guideline daily amounts and is the amount of sugar, fat, calories, salt and saturates that are in the food that you eat. According to whatsinsideguide.com, they help you to determine what and how much you should be eating using a guideline that is based on your individual needs. You can determine your GDA and eat healthier by following some simple steps.Difficulty:Mode
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How to Calculate SMP
by Pennsylvania in Legal
Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) is a benefit provided by employers in Great Britain. Employees who are pregnant can receive up to 39 weeks of paid leave, starting 15 weeks before the week in which the baby is due. To qualify, you must have worked for that employer for at least 26 weeks before that qualifying week and you must earn the minimum wage according to National Insurance regulations. For the
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How to Calculate MPH and RPM
by dfrolov in Cars
Any engine works best within a certain speed range, measured in revolutions per minute or RPM. RPM refers to how fast the crankshaft is spinning. The most efficient speed range is roughly from its peak torque speed to its peak horsepower speed. Because horsepower is a function of torque (twisting force) and RPM, the horsepower peak is always at higher RPM than the torque peak.
When choosing t
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How to Calculate NIC Tax
by Max Ollerenshaw in Personal Finance
Residents in the United Kingdom are required to pay a National Insurance Contribution (NIC) in addition to an annual income tax. The NIC payment is used to increase each individual's entitlement to certain state services such as the state pension. The amount of of the NIC payment is calculated according to each individual's income and whether the person is self-employed or works for a company. NIC
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How to Calculate PPM
by Janko in Education
PPM stands for "parts per million" and is used to describe the amount of a certain chemicals in a substance. These measurements often are used by farmers to calculate the strength of fertilizers. For example, nitrogen is sold as part of a solid compound, but farmers need to make liquid fertilizers of different strengths, measured in PPM. PPM calculations also are used by government agencies to det
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How to Calculate PLS to Lbs.
by alphamars in Home & Garden
Dust, chaff and weed seeds contaminate commercial seed supplies, meaning only a percentage of the product is viable seed. Every batch of seed contains slightly different percentages of viable seed, so an industry standard exists to show how much exists in every batch. Pure Live Seed (PLS), expressed as a percentage, shows how much of the seed is expected to germinate and produce the desired plant.
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How to Calculate the GPA for UGA
by YooperDave in Education
The University of Georgia, or UGA, measures your grade point average, or GPA, on an unweighted four point scale. Knowing your college GPA is important because it may qualify you for additional scholarships, honors programs, and, eventually, internship or job opportunities. Grades from A through F, as well as WF, or withdrew while failing, count toward your GPA. Other withdrawals, such as WP, withd
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How do I Calculate Overall Mean?
by PsyberMonkey in Education
The overall mean is the mean of all the data in a data set. The mean is another word for average, so you take the average of all your data. The mean is a good measure to see where the average person falls in a group of people. For example, you can find the overall mean of a professor's classes to see how the average student performed in the class. Overall mean is also an important calculation for


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