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Rhino Mocks error - “Invalid call, the last call has been used or no call has been made”
by Thomas Plunkett in Programming Languages

I am stumped. I am getting this error when I try to set a mock to have "PropertyBehavior()":

System.InvalidOperationException: System.InvalidOperationException:
Invalid call, the last call has been used or no call has been made (make sure that you are calling a virtual (C#) / Overridable (VB) method)..

I am trying to use only Rhino Mocks 3.5 (Arrange,

In Silverlight 3 how can I get the call to HtmlPage.Plugin.SetStyleAttribute() call to call other code after the resize?
by Pete in Programming Languages

I'm trying to take a snapshot of my Silverlight control using WriteableBitmap and it works fine, however, it only takes a snapshot of what is showing. I'm trying to resize the Silverlight control so it will show everything and then take a screenshot, however, the code doesn't resize the control until after the code after the call all runs which is the snapshot code...

I can get thi

How to call in android from code and when call will end it callback to activity, from call is started?
by George in Android

How to call in android from code and when call will end it callback to activity from call is started?

how to make other ajax calls after one ajax call completes and second ajax call should not call the .stop function
by Copter in Programming Languages

actually i 'm calling multiple ajax calls but i want some ajax calls completes first and exectute the atsk defined in its stop function.but some ajax call should be made once function defined in stop method executes and those ajax call should not cal.stop method once again

alert("ajax rqst completed");

open a new window of view when call controller from Jquery Ajax post call
by Pat in Programming Languages

I'm using ASP.Net MVC2. I'm trying to open a new window of view when call controller from Jquery Ajax post call.
here is my code..
in ascx page..

$('#DeleteButton').click(function () {
var isLineChecked = $(':checkbox:checked', '#providerSearchResultsTable').length;
if (isLineChecked == 0) {
alert("Please select at

GNU Make “Abort trap: 6” after gcc call however call is valid when executed alone
by mrmt in Programming Languages

I am using GNU Make to build a C/C++ project that many people will use. The makefile attempts to be general because there are many optional files in this project and each user selects those files through a MATLAB interface which are then provided to the makefile via command line arguments (make target OPTS='XYZ' etc...).

When I use the makefile it correctly identifies the correct ob

Bash script that can seamlessly call a windows EXE without having to call cygpath on each filename argument
by Hubb1e in Network & Servers

I have several programs that instead of installing natively on Cygwin, I am going to use cygstart + cygpath to seamlessly utilize the Windows installation of those programs instead.

Examples: Gedit, Subversion 1.6.1, etc.

We would of course just use the Cygwin installer to install these natively... however, we have some pesky requirements:

1) Custom prefix lo

Call Recorder: How can I change android's code to record the other side voice during call?
by Kapishin in Android

I wanna record just the other voice not both sides. I am free on changing kernel but I don't know, is it possible? or where should I change the kernel to fix this obstacle?

I really stuck on it plz help me.

how to link static cells to Outlet/Actions - E.G tap the call cell to call the number
by Brainonska511 in Coding

The code I have. By the way, I can't get Call to work and Website does not open either!

- (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath
NSString *urlToOpen = @"";
if( indexPath.section == 0 ){
// call number
urlToOpen = @"tel:442074036933";
} else if( indexPath.section == 1 ){
// open web

call perl script from python works in commands.getstatusoutput but not in subprocess.call
by Dopey in Programming Languages

I have a python script which must call a perl script to get data from a remote server.
The perl script has to stay perl, it's third party and I don't have any options there.
I'm trying to remove all the obsolete and deprecated stuff that the previous developer stuck all around the code, so I'd like to replace the commands.getstatusoutput call with a subprocess call, but somehow I can'

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