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Calling PHP multiple times within a CRON job (self-calling until an exit condition is satisfied)
by orson in PHP

I'm planning to sync 2 folders from 2 dyfferent servers using a cronjob scheduled to run every hour.
The script that is to be scheduled will check if a previous instance is already running, and if not, continue with processing.

so, the first stage is to sync these folders. Daily (or more often), the second server will have 1-2 thousands of new files added, that need to be moved

Flex 3.5 - NetStream - StackOverflow errors when calling publish() after calling close()
by tamizhvendan in Web Design

I'm getting stack overflow errors when I'm trying to publish() a NetStream after close()ing it. Pasted below is the error stack:

Error: Error #1023: Stack overflow occurred.
at com.luxideus.facebook.canvas.controllers::StreamsController/onNetStatus()[...]
at flash.net::NetStream/invokeWithArgsArray()
at flash.net::NetStream/call()
at flash.net::Ne

Calling fgets() on popen() of 'ssh' is flushing the beginning of stdin of the calling process (ptty issue)
by jch in Programming Languages

I have now whittled this down to a minimal test case. Thus far I have been able to determine that this is an issue related to pseudo-terminals which come about with the pipe of ssh. Adding the '-t -t' to the ssh call improved things, in that now, it takes a second call to fgets() to cause the issue. I suspect that the stderr output of the ssh command somehow works into the issue, for now I h

Calling a getter multiple times or calling once and assigning to a variable?
by Deledrius in Programming Languages

say suppose I have class as :

public class Age {
private int age;
public int getAge() {
return this.age;

In my Main class I am calling the getAge() method many times.

So I wanted to know is it advisable to call so many times or call once and assign it to some variable and use that variable.

Is there memory leak issue if not calling clearTimout after calling setTimeout
by Daniel in Web Design

After calling setTimeout, is there memory leak issue without calling clearTimeout?


What Is the Difference Between Nationwide Calling & Long Distance Calling?
by deom2i in Electronics
When buying phone service, you may hear number of terms that you are unsure of, which could have an impact on how much you pay each month. For example, the terms "nationwide calling" and "long distance calling" are often used interchangeably. However, they do not always have the same meaning with phone plans. Long Distance CallingLong distance calling is a method of calling

How do I prevent application calling datastore_v3.next() when calling get_multi?
by Max Ollerenshaw in Programming Languages

I'm running a keys_only query, which fetches 20 results.

result_keys, cursor, more = ActivityIndex.query(cls.followers == key)
start_cursor = cursor,

Instructions on Calling International Using a Calling Card
by itsmegb in Electronics
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Python calling DLL calling Python, “WindowsError: exception: access violation reading 0x00000004”
by ruby-on-rails in Programming Languages

I have an application written in Python.

The application calls some functions in the dll (using ctypes) that calls some functions from the python C API to load and run some functions in a (different) python module. This causes WindowsError: exception: access violation reading 0x00000004 Some cout debugging tells me that the access violation happens on a call to the Pyth

Calling webService using json gives error in Titanium but calling webService from terminal using curl works fine
by björnen in Web Design

Hi I am trying to call a webService in titanium using json.
That webService does not take any argument so i just have to call it.

here is my code:

var xhr = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient();
xhr.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json; chars


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