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Android emulator doesn't show Front Facing Camera. Camera.getNumberOfCameras() always return 1 which is always Camera.CameraInfo.CAMERA_FACING_BAC
by Furchin in Programming Languages

Following is my emulator AVD details

CPU/ABI: ARM(armeabi-v7a)
Path: c:usersmyname.androidavdics4.0.3.avd
Target: Android 4.0.3 (API level 15)
Skin: WVGA800
SD Card:100M
hw.sdCard: yes
hw.lcd.density: 240
**hw.camera.back: emulated**
**hw.camera.front: emulated**
hw.cpu.model: cortex-a8

IPhone UIImagepicker with camera showing camera roll thumbnail like default camera app?
by Gunbuster in Mobile Programming

im working in iphone's camera app, using UIImagePicker to launch the camera.
Everything goes well, just a need to use the default controls showed in the camera app in iphone(little thumbnail from the last pic in camera roll and take photo buttons) and its animation(take and send the picture to the left bottom thumbnail), not default in UIImagePicker (cancel and take photo buttons).

I am using android camera,if i click the camera button it will opens,but after taken the picture ,my application has stopped?
by tobybot in Android
public void startCamera() {
Log.d("TDM_CAMERA", "Starting camera on the phone...");
String fileName = "testphoto.jpg";
ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
values.put(MediaStore.Images.Media.TITLE, fileName);
"Image capture by camera");

Openimaj capture and save video from integrated camera or usb camera to hardisk (java)
by Blunc in Programming Languages

I just installed almost all libraries of openimaj instruction wise from the site: http://sourceforge.net/p/openimaj/wiki/OpenIMAJ%20From%20Source/ libraries are installed and working. I just need a sample code to capture video from webcam and save it to hard disk. For example:

This is the code to turn on the camera and show you video:

import org.openimaj.image.MBFImag

hiding camera controls, but still displaying focus selector, iOS Picker Type Camera
by Chris Woods in Mobile Programming

I am using cameraOverlayView and some custom buttons to get the functionality that I want from the UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera. To make it work as expected I had to hide the camera controls. Any way to activate only the focus selector? It's no longer available of course. If I have that I think I have all the functionality that I need.

picker.cameraOverlayView = [[U

detect Flash-accessible camera without prompting user for access to camera if one exists
by Veliko in Web Design

From a Flash object, I would like to be able to detect the presence of a webcam that the user might grant access to, without actually asking the user whether they want to grant access. This is to streamline a large application that has extra features if a webcam exists — if there is a webcam, the application will present several dialogs that lead up to the normal cam-security prompt, but

iPad+Detect whether image captured from front camera or rear camera
by YooperDave in Operating Systems

I am developing an application for iPad where i am using camera to capture images,but i am facing problem when capturing images from REAR camera(they are being reversed),Else while capturing from FRONT camera,it works perfectly.Please Suggest solutions.Thanks in Advance:)

Android small surfaceview with camera preview cause camera sight deformation
by skimple in Programming Languages

I have a camera preview in a surfaceview. The surfaceview takes only a portion of screen and on top of it there is an imageview. My problem is that surfaceview displays whole camera sight, scaled to fit X and Y, causing camera preview deformation. Is there any way to display center cropped camera sight in surfaceview ?

Thank you

Here's the code I'm using

how to use the camera class in android to view what is in front of the camera ..and not click photos
by raven84 in Android

i wnat to make an andoir app in which i want to use the camera ... only to view what is in front of the camera and not to click an image ...what is the code for it..?

android camera intent with external camera app, return to original activity?
by Andreas in Programming Languages

If a user has an external camera app, such as camera+ that is set as their camera default, how do I make sure that after capturing a photo, it will go back to my original application activity?

public void onClick(View v) {
switch (v.getId()){
case R.id.photo_camera_button:
Intent photoIntent = new Intent(android.provid


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