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How to Fix My Bow Cams
by AnToni00 in Sports & Fitness
A compound bow uses a series of pulleys--also called cams--to gain the mechanical advantage in the draw and release. When cams are loose or out of adjustment, arrows fly inaccurately. To rectify this situation certain fixes are necessary to the cams. During adjustment and fixing, have a target set up with arrows that are tipped with practice heads. To see if the adjustments and fixes to the cams h
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The Best Cams for an LT1 383
by acheron in Cars
The second-generation (Gen II) LT1 small-block Chevy engine (SBC) was originally introduced in the 1992 Corvette and used in other GM models until 1997. No longer being produced, its 350-cubic-inch displacement was achieved with a 3.48-inch crankshaft stroke and 4.00-inch bore. The 383ci LT1 -- an aftermarket displacement never produced by GM -- is achieved by replacing the original crankshaft, ro
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About Nanny Cams
by Hosein Mohtasham in Parenting
Many parents are away from their children every day when they go to work, leaving them alone with a nanny or baby sitter hoping they will receive the best possible care. If a concern or doubt arises regarding the care of a minor child, one way to observe and find out the truth is to utilize a nanny cam that will record and replay specified recorded time frames. SignificanceThousands of people l
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Do-It-Yourself Nanny Cams
by cbrunny in Electronics
Nanny cameras are a fairly modern way to keep an eye not only on your children but on the workers that you employ in your house. Advances in video and computer technology allow you to record everything that happens within your home and to view it in real time from your cellphone or laptop computer. Many companies provide a service to install multiple cameras and set the system up for you, but wi

How to Tap Into Security Cams
by Yserbius in Home & Garden
If you have a security camera you would like to tap into so you can view it from another monitor or DVR you can easily do this for under $10 in parts per camera. If you are tapping into RG-59 (standard security camera cable) you cannot exceed 600 feet of total cable length, for RG-6 the total cable limit is 1000 feet. Also be aware that every time you tap into the cable you are degrading the signa
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How to Find Spy Cams
by Thomas Gueze in Electronics
Cameras have become so small, they can be hidden almost anywhere. This can cause privacy issues. If you are afraid that someone is spying on you and would like to end it, you will need a way to find the spy cam. The easiest way is with a radio frequency detection device. This will pick up signals broadcast by wireless cameras.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Radio frequency
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The Uses of Nanny Cams
by WasntEnough in Parenting
Nanny cams are small, hidden cameras that parents and day care centers use to make certain small children are not being harmed and mistreated while the parent is at work. In addition, some home residents and apartment tenants will install nanny cams to insure that while their home is being cleaned, or unsupervised repairmen are in the residence, nothing is being damaged and items are not being st
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How to Use Multiple Cams at Once
by sordumsoruyu in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Have you looked at a sports picture or close-up picture of a wild animal and wondered: "how did they ever get that picture?" The photographer was likely using multiple cameras at the same time. The process includes setting a camera in a remote location, such as above a basketball hoop, or the entrance to a lion's den. Use a wireless remote trigger to the camera's hot-shoe. The photographer uses a
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How to Install Nanny Cams
by SperglordActual in Parenting
One way to ensure that your children are being properly taken care of is to install a nanny cam inside your home. Of course, nanny cams will need to be strategically placed so that the nanny isn't aware of where they are. However, some parents choose to tell their nanny that they have nanny cams installed in the house to give them a nice warning. Nanny cams are generally placed in a home's living
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Legality of Traffic Cams
by xetrill in Legal
As of 2009, 25 states and the District of Columbia had traffic cameras installed at intersections to catch drivers running red lights. The camera snaps a photo of cars running red lights and sends a ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle. Questions arise as to the legality of these cameras. State Police Power JustificationStates have a "police power" pursuant to the 10th Amendment of the


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