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What Are Caregivers?
by Trevor Dickson in Health
A parent is a caregiver. So is a spouse who provides assistance to an ill or disabled partner. A 15-year-old babysitter is a caregiver. The staff at the day care center are caregivers. These are broad uses of the term caregiver, being one who provides care. The more specific definition of a caregiver, as provided by "The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English" states a caregiver is a paid per
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How to Pay After School Caregivers
by rainy in Parenting
Finding after-school child care is essential for working parents, providing the kids with a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which to spend their time once school gets out. It's less clear just how much and in what form you should pay your after-school caregiver. This payment depends on a variety of factors, including the child's age, where you live and the specific type of after-school

Rights of Caregivers
by Kuer in Legal
Chances are good you will become one of the millions of caregivers in the United States at some time in your life. The job usually falls to family members, the vast majority of whom are women. It is an overwhelming and often thankless task for which most are ill prepared. Caregivers often suffer from anxiety and frustration brought on by feelings of helplessness and the sheer magnitude of the expe

Services for Caregivers
by Marcos de Carvalho in Relationships & Family
If you are caring for a family member, friend or neighbor, you are not alone. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, more than 65 million people provide at least 20 hours of unpaid care per week for someone sick, disabled or aged. The challenges of caregiving, along with caring for the rest of your family and working, can be very stressful, and there are programs that can help. Seni

Tips to Help Caregivers
by brainhulk in Health
Caregivers are notorious for overlooking their own needs while caring for a loved one. Much research shows that caregivers are often left exhausted, depressed, and overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are many resources available for caregivers. It is, however, important to take advantage of the opportunities that are available and to reach out and ask for help. This is not easy, and it may not come nat

Caregivers & Anxiety
by Scott Walsh in Health
The National Alliance for Caregiving, in collaboration with the AARP, reports that more than 65 million people, 29 percent of the U.S. population, spend approximately 20 hours per week providing care for family members or friends during any given year. Women make up three out of four of those people caring for a loved one, and research suggests that anxiety significantly impacts one in three famil

Caregivers' Responsibilities Under the Law
by dbrews in Education
Caregivers are people who provide assistance to others, such as older people, sick children and adults who are not able to independently care for themselves. Caregivers can be friends, family, relatives or workers from a caregivers' agency. The responsibilities, duties and conduct of caregivers are regulated by federal and state laws which vary from state to state. In general, caregivers are expec

Games for Caregivers
by Olympian Last in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Whether you care for a child, a disabled or an elderly person, you are classified as a caregiver. This is a job that is of utmost importance, as you are ensuring the well-being of another human being. When tending to the needs of another person, you may find that you are in need of interactive and engaging activities to keep the person you are caring for, and yourself, entertained. Games are an id
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The Wages for Caregivers
by sub-80 in Personal Finance
Caregivers come into clients' homes to assist elderly or disabled persons with daily tasks and take care of their home health needs. Although caregivers perform an important role in many people's lives, they generally make very low income; as a result, caregivers may not stay with a client or even with the profession. Hiring a caregiver can be costly for the client as well, due to hidden costs suc
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Financial Help for Caregivers
by fstender in Health
Caring for loved ones or family members with special needs can take a serious toll on a caregiver's physical, emotional and financial health, according to the Administration on Aging. Oftentimes, caregivers find themselves unable to hold a job and care for loved ones. This leaves some caregivers with serious financial challenges. However, special services can provide financial help. National Fa

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