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Do Antique Cars or Classic Cars Need Seat Belts in California?
by Derek in Legal
Like all other states, California implements seat belt laws for the protection of its citizens. With older cars, these laws can be murky because rules and standards in car manufacturing have changed over the years. The FactsThe seat-belt law in California stipulates that a car adhere only to seat-belt standards that were in place at the time the car was manufactured. Therefore, a classic or ant

The Fuel Efficiency of Hybrid Cars Compared to Regular Cars
by semicolonth in Cars
Hybrid cars are unquestionably more fuel efficient than regular gasoline-combustion-powered automobiles, and that's backed up by a near-sweep by the hybrids on the EPA's top 10 list for most fuel efficient cars in 2010. The Toyota Prius tops the list with its average 51 miles per gallon in the city and 48 miles per gallon on the highway, but one intelligently made non-hybrid made the list with a r

Pros & Cons of Large Cars Vs. Small Cars
by StereoPixel in Cars
Size has a big effect on a car's price, space, economy and styling. Large cars are roomier, better-styled and more expensive. Smaller cars are easier to park, easier on the wallet and less concerned with creature comforts. RoomLarger cars tend to have more space for people and belongings. Small cars can have comfortable accommodations, but for fewer people.
PriceSince big cars take more raw

Difference Between Hot Wheels Cars and Matchbox Cars
by dlock13 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars are viewed as rivals, because they are the two top-selling toy car companies on the market. While they started out owned by different companies, both are owned and produced by the same toy company in 2009--Mattel. The real difference in the two types is their design. DesignMatchbox brand toy cars are modeled after real and existing car models that are or were on the

Small Cars Vs. Big Cars in Terms of CO2 Emissions
by Mistere in Cars
Generally, the more gasoline that is burned to power a vehicle, the more carbon dioxide is produced. Vehicles with larger engines, therefore, will tend to produce more CO2 emissions. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one gallon of gasoline burned produces 20 pounds of CO2. Large VehiclesLarger trucks with bigger engines tend to emit higher amounts of CO2. As an exampl

Comparison of Electric Cars & Fuel Cars
by Gerle in Cars
Although gas cars are the dominant form of transportation as of 2010, electric cars have always been around, but usually not very popular. In 2002, for example, there were only 2,000 electric cars in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Electric cars, however, have the potential to overtake gas cars. HistoryIronically, inventors of the late 19th century, such as Thomas Ed

Hydrogen Cars Vs. Fossil Fuel Cars
by okhomenko in Cars
Hydrogen fuel cells are a leader in alternative fuel industries. There has been a tremendous amount of money spent on research and development that focuses on alternative fuels such as hydrogen fuel technology to compete with cars that operate off of traditional fossil fuels. EmissionsTraditional fossil fuel vehicles release carbon dioxide as their emission; hydrogen vehicles release water vapo

The Differences Between Foreign Cars & Domestic Cars
by JustinDSN in Cars
With Ford producing cars in Mexico and Kia making them in America, the question of foreign versus domestic cars has largely become one of personal preference and demographics. There are, however, a few constants. HistoryAt one time, foreign cars were shoddy little econo-boxes, and in the 1990's they were the king of the hill for reliability and quality per dollar. Until recently, European impo

Differences Between Hybrid Cars & Regular Cars
by kalfa in Cars
With the rising cost of gasoline and mounting concerns about the environment, many consumers contemplate the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. If you are in the market for a new automobile you should know the differences between hybrids and regular gas-operated cars. OperationHybrid uses two power sources, an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Electricity starts the car and powers i

Good Used Cars to Make Into Electric Cars
by ews in Cars
Finding the right donor vehicle is the most important step in starting your electric car conversion. While there is no perfect vehicle for electric conversion, there are several things to look for when making this choice. Vehicle ConditionRemember that you will be removing all of the major engine components, so pay close attention to the condition of the body and chassis (try to avoid rust or c

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