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The Central Heat Works and the Central Conditioner Is Running But Doesn't Blow Air
by George Garchagudashvili in Home & Garden
Most central air conditioners use the same machine to cool your house off in the summer and warm it in the winter. The air conditioner cools or warms air and pushes it through vents throughout your home. If the air conditioner is running but the air doesn't blow through your vents, you can perform basic troubleshooting steps before calling a repairman. Check the FilterCheck the air filter whene

How to best configure a central repository/multiple central repositories for Mercurial?
by Mark in Web Design

I am new to Mercurial and trying to figure out if it could replace SVN. Everyone I work with has used SVN, CVS and VSS (shiver), so this could be quite a large change. I have been very interested after reading about its merge and branch capability, but have a few reservations.

We are currently on SVN, and have one central repository. From my reading, it seems as though there is n

Central Electric Air Conditioner Vs. Gas Central Air
by Octopuss in Home & Garden
A central air conditioning system is a welcomed appliance to own on hot summer days. They run efficiently and can cool off one, some or every room in your home. Most central air conditioning systems utilize a combination of gas and electricity to fuel and power the system. They also use forced air ventilation to force cool air through duct channels and vent the cool air into the rooms of your home

Central Themes vs. Central Ideas
by vb.net in Arts & Entertainment
Although often used interchangeably, the central theme and the central idea of a story are not necessarily the same. One of the items that the terms theme and idea refers to is the moral or lesson that the author gives through the story. The other item is a recurring image contained in the story. Definition of ThemeA central theme is the moral or lesson that the author makes about a subject thr

Can You Run Central Air If Your Gas Is Cut Off?
by YuriyLazarev in Home & Garden
Running a central air system, also known as an HVAC system, without gas occurs, although it's not how the system is designed to be used. HVAC systems incorporate a dual system design that, depending on the temperature desired, shifts between putting out heat or cool air. Having no gas flow essentially makes one-half of the system unusable (the heater). When Gas is UsedNatural gas in an HVAC sys
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Central Air FAQ
by bicho44 in Home & Garden
Central air is able to keep your house cooler than alternative window or portable air conditioners. However, central air is expensive, so it's important to get your questions answered in advance, before making a central air conditioner purchase. There are a wide variety of air conditioners on the market, and it's important to know the basics about central air before you make a decision. What Si
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DIY: Central Air
by Charlie98 in Home & Garden
Installing your own central air conditioning can save you some money--and rescue you and your family from another sweaty summer. You can do it if you are handy, but there are several things to take care of before you start. Before You BeginBefore you begin, you should hire an air conditioning contractor to come and help you finish. While you will be able to do about 90 percent of this project
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What Is Central AC?
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Home & Garden
Central AC or air conditioning is a process used to cool the air in your home or business and remove the humidity. When compared to other types of air conditioning, central AC is unique in that one unit delivers cool air through your entire home. FunctionInside the air conditioner, coolant is converted from a gaseous form to a liquid form and then back to a gas. A fan draws warm air into the ai
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How to Know if Your Central Air Goes Out
by Tanclearas in Home & Garden
If your central air conditioning goes out, how quickly you notice can depend on how well your house is insulated. A well-insulated home may stay cool for hours after the air conditioner has malfunctioned, but eventually the indoor temperature will start to climb. You can check common problems such as a tripped circuit breaker before the house starts to get uncomfortable on a hot summer day.Difficu

How to Add Central AC
by Maine in Home & Garden
Older homes sometimes lack central air conditioning. Maybe your newer home needs a new system or an upgrade? Installing or updating central air conditioning can be rather expensive, counting the system, parts and labor. In addition, venting and duct work modifications may be needed. All of these can run into an expensive repair. With a few tips and pointers, you can be prepared to add central air
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