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how to centre my text label to centre of navigation bar
by Ionith in Mobile Programming

how to find length of the navigation bar....

i want to display a label centre of the navigation bar programmatically..

so that i can write formula ,so it should work if i rotate my device ...

How do I centre n columns using CSS?
by Drift King in Web Design

I currently have the following CSS for my 4 columns which might grow to 5 or 6 in the future:

.columns {
margin: 0 auto;
border: 1px red dotted;
width: 90%;
.columns div {
float: left;
width: 20%;
border: solid 1px;
margin-right: 1em;

how to position img tag at right centre?
by Funkwarrior in Web Design
<div >
<img src="some url" />

The div height and width keeps varying. I would like to place this img in align to right and placed at center vertically.
height and width of the image is fixed .
How to solve it dynamically?
like sometimes the div's width and height is same as img's width and height.
or div'

Where is Wolf Centre in the U.K.?
by asid in Culture & Society
Located in the south west of England, the United Kingdom Wolf Conservation Trust's "Wolf Centre" is a non-profit education and advocacy center dedicated to reintroducing wolves into protected areas to return ecological balance to the British Isles. The history, mission, and location of the Wolf Centre are all significant to understanding the importance of its mission. GeographyLocated in Berksh
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Motels in Centre, AL
by Nate Childers in Travel
Centre is a city located in Cherokee County, Alabama and lies approximately 85 miles northeast of Birmingham. Centre is known for its proximity to Weiss Lake which features year-round recreational activities. Fishing, boating, kayaking and hiking can all be completed at the lake which spans over 30,000 acres. Centre is home to a variety of motel accommodations, many of which place their guests wit
TAGS : Motels Centre

Centre a form in VB6
by Mykola Novik in Programming Languages

I am writing a programme to be used internaly within our company and have come across the problem below:

How can you get a Child form to centre on the screen when using the MDI parent maximised form as the backgroung

TAGS : Centre form

Centre divs within a div
by LukeG in Web Design

I have searched for ages looking for an answer to this question!

I am using a 12 column layout for a new website I'm making. I have 4 divs on 1 row:

<div class="colContainer">
<div class="row">
<div class="threecolImg">
<p>Row 1: three</p>
TAGS : Centre divs within

Make Search Box Centre
by Caleb Ames in Web Design

This should be a relatively easy question. Though I am yet to find a solution as I'm a beginner. All I would like to do is center my search box. The html is as follows:


<div class="colums">
<li class="share"> <a target="_blank" href="#"></a>
<div id='search-box'>
<form action
TAGS : Make Search Centre

JQuery shrink div from centre
by krs in Web Design

I have created some JQuery that will expand a div 'popup' on hover and then it will shrink it on mouse out. However, this effect seems to happen from the top left and I need it to happen from the centre. I have see similar topics on Stack Overflow and the solution seems to be in getting the correct 'top' and 'left' values in the JQuery and the CSS, however, despite my best of efforts I can't ge

JQM: centre/align icon
by ec888 in Programming Languages

I need a 200px x 200px button size, the icon in the centre (horizontal and vertical).
I can create the 200px x 200px size and I use my personal icons.

My questions is:!

how do I centre the icon horizontally and vertically in the button?

If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.



TAGS : centre align icon

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