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Make jQuery UI Selectmenu “Not change” the value on 'change' event
by Josh Freed in Web Design

I am using the 'fnagel jQuery UI Selectmenu Widget' that you can find here.
I want make the widget not select the new option when change event is fired based on some condition.

Usually this is accomplished by 'return false;' from the change event. But its not working. I have created a fiddle here.

Can some one please help me make the fiddle work by no

Change a Flash AS3 context menu that is already personalized — can't find it to change?
by tayles in Programming Languages

Is there any way to change a context menu that already has been personalized. I have an small application that I purchased to learn with and also to save some time.

When I right click the context menu appears with the other person's information in it. I want to change that information if it is possible to do so. I tried

var my_menu:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu(

Listview special adapter change column background orientation change
by TwiceOver in Programming Languages

I have the following problem.
The list shows well in portrait mode.
But when i switch to landscape, the background of items get scrambled/reverse order.

For example:

column 1 Column2(a) Column 3(b) Column 4(c)
1 2(red) 3 4
12 36(orange) 87(red) 32
94 55 44 23(orange)

Database structure to track change history with column name change in future
by godihatework in Databases

I am new in this forum, hence could not ask a question on a given answer. Database structure to track change history

In this above thread answer given by Guy Starbuck looks good to me. But would like to know with that design how we should handle the change of column name?

How to change a Button's background for a certain amount of time and then it change back on an Android app
by boonchew in Android

I am typing a program where I need to change the background of a button for a certain amount of time, say 1 second and then it change back to the original state. I know how to set a background, I just don't know how to get it to update the UI. I am pretty sure I need to use a Handler, but even after doing research I am hazy on how they should be implemented. Please enlighten me.

Change flash player generated from an external javascript on select change
by GarlicBreath in Javascript

I have a player at 128kbps generated from a javascript external file.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://shoutcast.mixstream.net/js/external/flash/s2.vanavilfm.com:8560:1::cc0000:F4A213:::1"></script>

and another player at 64kbps.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://shoutcast.mixstream.net/js/external/flash/s2.vana

__doPostBack DropDownList price change and change field readOnly status
by taviso in Programming Languages

This is writtten in VB ASP.Net the dropDownList is written in the behind code from a SQL query. I have text fields that are set to readOnly. this is done when the textBox in created in the behind code. So when the page is displayed the field is set to readOnly. It needs to change when the dropDownList that is associated to it changes and its selectedIndex is greater than 0. The DropDownList all

Adapting a Mootols add event change function to a jQuery change funciton
by k19k in Programming Languages

I need to adapt a mootols function to work with jquery, and I'm not sure I have the right syntax, I don't get any errors, it's that the function does not work:

interestSet = jQuery('#'+the_id + ' option:selected').text();
if(interestSet == ') {

How to Organize a Planned Change Paper In Nursing School with Change Theories
by Jesse in Education
Some professors who teach management in nursing school require their students to put together a change project. This means applying a change theory typically used in nursing to bring about planned change or solve a problem. It can be a daunting task if you have no guidance. Here are a few tips to help you get your change project in nursing started.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Observe your

How to Change a Blade on a Stanley Instant-Change Retractable Utility Knife
by Jake Levitt in Home & Garden
If you use a pocket knife frequently and rely on having a compact-sized knife with a sharp blade, the Stanley Instant-Change retractable utility knife might be just the tool for you. The blade-changing process on the Stanley Instant-Change retractable knife is easy and quick, which means that you&#039;ll have very little downtime when you need to change a blade. With the touch of a button, yo

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