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About Project Charters
by Nulq in Business
A project charter is one of the first deliverables in project management and an important element of the process. For a successful project plan, a project manager draws up a charter, which is a list of justifications and prerequisites to consider before beginning. Project charters introduce new projects, state the pros and cons, and estimate the costs involved. Typically, project charters are pre

How Do Air Charters Work?
by Ryan in Travel
Scheduled flights are allotted fixed departure times. Charter flights are more flexible and convenient, and although they are very expensive, chartering can be much cheaper for a business than the expense of operating its own plane or booking groups on commercial flights. Private Passenger ChartersAnyone with sufficient money can charter an airplane. The charter company organizes everything, fr
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Bareboat Charters to the Bahamas
by acacio in Travel
Bareboat charters are a popular way for experienced boaters to simultaneously indulge in the joys of sailing and vacationing. Conveniently located just off the southeast coast of the United States, there are hundreds of options for bareboat charters to the islands of the Bahamas. Choose from powerboats and yachts, catamarans, trimarans or sail boats, and let your Bahamian boating adventure begin.

Bareboat Charters in France
by jasonmoo in Travel
Chartering a bareboat yacht out of France gives you the ability to explore the seas at your own pace. Bareboat yachts offer all the amenities you need to sail from port to port, minus the staff. Renting a bareboat yacht makes you your own skipper as you travel to places like the Italian Islands, Croatia, Greece, and Majorca. Nautilus YachtingNautilus Yachting provides bareboat yachts and catama

Bareboat Charters in Wisconsin
by Sigtryggur in Travel
One of the requirements for renting a bareboat charter in Wisconsin, or at many of the bareboat fleets around the world, is completion of sailing charter training. Certification allows you the freedom to choose where you want to cruise in the waterways of Wisconsin, including the 659 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, without the expense of a paid crew. Lifebreeze ChartersLifebreeze Charters is ba

Mazatlan Fishing Charters
by Europe in Travel
With its proximity to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlan, Mexico, offers easy access to deep sea fishing opportunities and memories of a lifetime. Imagine hooking into a large marlin or sailfish that can weigh up to 60 pounds. On land, several area lakes have high black bass populations, as well as abundant trout, catfish and tilapia. Anglers age 16 and older are required to purchas

Casino Charters in Michigan
by Tennessee in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Gambling has increased in popularity over the years since it was first legalized in 1996. Charter companies offer a safe, enjoyable and convenient way for Michigan residents and tourists to capitalize on this increasingly popular recreation. With a variety of pick-up locations and final destinations, charter tours are the accommodating middle man between gamblers and their winnings. North Count

New England Bareboat Charters
by Florian Derudder in Travel
Explore the New England coastline at your own pace with bareboat charters. Bareboats are unstaffed yachts or catamarans that allow you to be your own skipper. These water vessels are typically rented a week at a time and come fully equipped with everything you need for your journey, including linens, navigational equipment, safety equipment and manuals. Bareboat Sailing ChartersBareboat Sailing

Chicago Boat Charters
by camt in Cars
Whether taken on a full-scale yacht or on a sailboat, chartered boat excursions for private parties can be a creative and invigorating option for business events, celebrations, summer holiday outings, elaborate dinners, sightseeing, or family outings. Most boat charters in Chicago are available for sailing on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, with some charters even including a sports or swimmi

Homer, Alaska Fishing Charters
by Riparian in Sports & Fitness
Homer, Alaska, is known as the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World." That's where sports fishermen go if they're after the really big ones, such as halibut that weigh more than 300 pounds. But king salmon fishing is gaining in importance at Homer. To assist fishermen in getting what they want, the town of 5,400 people boasts more than 60 businesses that provide charter services. Fishing Licen


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