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Making chat server (Chat server's .NET service and Chat client's iOS applications) with Window service or WCF
by Mark Tran in Programming Languages

I want to build a chat server but i don't know i should use Window service or WCF? Numbers of client of my chat service not a lot, it's about 30 to 40 (Exactly, it's not a chat server, it just a server use to send/recieve data to/from client in local network). Should i use Window service or WCF?

CANDY chat with Openfire : receiving empty response while connecting to a autologin chat room
by jmccliment in Programming Languages

I finally have the openfire server installed - admittedly noob to XMPP - but I'm getting there :)

I modified the .htaccess & now trying to hit the http://166.xx.xx.xx/candy-chat-candy-ca544b1/example/index.html on my server

The page shows me a "connecting.." message and hangs there.

Here is my setup before I delve into the firebug post/response

Facebook Chat Api authentication complete, how make chat window?
by frozentundra123456 in Programming Languages

I want to integrate Facebook chat in my website. That's why I implement the PHP code in document, then after I get the response like this,

Test platform connect for XMPP
access_token: XXXXXXXXXX...XXX
server: chat.facebook.com
uid: XXXXX
app id: XXXXX
[INFO] Opening connection... connnection open
Authentication complete

Does the Facebook Chat API support the reading of previous chat messages?
by zokudu in Development Tools & Services

I see there are many 3rd party clients out there that support FB chat, but are there any that will show the previous messages in the chat, from before the conversation was started in the 3rd part client (similar to the way the FB Messages iPhone app works)?

So far I have checked out Adium and Trillion (OSX vers only) and they only show the messages sent in the current conversation.<

Chat application - which tech is better to implement chat app in Android
by Mutilator in Android

*I have to make an android application which is basically a chat application.*In this chat app the user can interact with single user as well in a group that means Group chat is also there. I am using php as the back end for database . I have never done this type of work earlier so need some suggestions or guidance.

The options i have seen is as follow :
1. Web-services
GWT [WARN] 404 - GET /birgit.chat.Chat.nocache.js comet
by LeeFlannery in Programming Languages

i can't get a comet chat example to run.
i get this error

[WARN] 404 - GET /birgit.chat.Chat.nocache.js ( 1413 bytes

this is how my web.xml looks like


How Can I Play Music & Chat Through Voice Chat at the Same Time?
by adapar in Computers
Since Internet became accessible to almost everyone, the demand for new programs with useful features has provoked the rise of new Software Companies and the development of new applications. Among these applications, Voice Chat is a modern form of communication popular among Internet users which allows two people to communicate through a USB microphone, regardless of their locations. This is a fea

Best free or cheap (< $100) Chat for ASP.NET, preferably with Operator Help chat
by Topweasel in Programming Languages

Pure Chat looked great but it was discontinued. Damn.

Any other great chat programs for ASP.NET? Looking for one that can be used in Operator Help mode.

network chat system using qt with pop-up window for individaul chat
by Jeeebus in Network & Servers

I am very beginner in Qt.I want to develop a network chat system using qt with pop-up window for individual chat.

How to Open Chat & Mobile Chat on Yahoo Mail
by kaktos in Internet
With Yahoo! Mail you can send instant messages to contacts who are online at their computers, or even to those who are signed in with their mobile phones. When you enter a message to a contact in this fashion, it is conveyed electronically over any number of networks but reaches the recipient more or less instantaneously. You can use this function to your advantage when you require the type of imm

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