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Air Travel to Chennai
by foghorn67 in Travel
Chennai is a city in Southern India. It was formerly known as Madras. Despite not having the notoriety of Mumbai or Delhi, Chennai is one of India's largest and most economically important cities. The international airport in the city is India's third busiest. It is serviced by some of the world's largest airlines as well as all major domestic carriers. Airlines that Fly to ChennaiChennai Airpo
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Top Ten Universities in Chennai
by cbot5000 in Education
Chennai is the fourth largest city in India and home to hundreds of universities. According to the 2010 University Web Ranking website, the top 10 universities in Chennai are within the top 4 to top 269 in the overall rankings of India’s best universities. The city of Chennai is the state capital of Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state. 1. Indian Institute of Technology MadrasIndian Instit

How to Shop for Handicrafts in Chennai
by chardin in Travel
Chennai is a city located on the eastern coast of India. It serves as an industrial port city where goods are constantly shipped in and out. Tourists to this city may enjoy its beaches, the Natyanjali Dance Festival, and shopping for handicrafts along the main streets leading to some of the more famous Hindu temples. The culture in India dictates that price is agreed upon by the seller and buyer v

Alcohol Treatment in Chennai
by Juncar in Health
If you are in Chennai looking and for intensive help to a serious drinking problem, you are treading the right path. Chennai provides treatment programs for alcohol dependents and for patients who have experienced repeated relapses. Alcohol AddictionAccording to the Mayo Clinic, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to health problems like cancers, heart health damage, stroke, suicidal thought

Hotels in Velachery-Chennai
by kharakawa in Travel
Chennai City's Velachery region serves as a residential area for the professionals and workers who work in the commercial and industrial enterprises in the region. Visitors to this area of Tamil-Nadu in India's southeast can explore a number of local attractions, including the Guindy National Park, the MGR Film City, Snake Park and the Raj Bhavan (Governor's House). Local hotels provide comfortab

Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai
by stephenbennyhat in Education
The city of Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamilnadu and is one of the most developed urban centers in India. The city itself is highly industrialized and commercialized, although there are a number of temples, churches and mosques popular with visitors. Must-see sites are Egmore, Georgetown and Triplicane. There are also numerous engineering colleges in Chennai to cope with the demand for

Restaurants in Chennai, India
by aafr in Travel
Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, India. It is a metropolitan city that is active, progressive and offers beautiful architecture, rich culture, major Indian sporting events and a variety of dining destinations serving different cuisines. If you plan to have a bite to eat while visiting the area, you will be happy to know that Chennai offers diverse cuisines such as Thai, North and South Indian

Budget Hotels in Chennai
by Pug in Travel
Chennia is often dwarfed by the more vibrant tourist scenes in Delhi and Mumbai. Nevertheless, here in the bustling capital of Tamil Nadu visitors can check out museums, walk on the beach, see the first Fort the British built in India and visit the historic Enfield motor cycle factory. Most budget hotels are located in Triplicane or Egmore. Triplicane is the quieter area of the two. Paradise Gu

List of Universities in Chennai
by JEDI in Education
Chennai is the capital of the modern state Tamil Nadu in India. Chennai was formerly known as Madras, and was part of the Madras Presidency, a large state under British rule covering modern-day Chennai and parts of several other provinces. Tamil Nadu and Chennai are now home to a large number of colleges and universities, which offer diplomas and certificates in a stagger number of academic topics

How to Send Flowers to Chennai, India
by HidingInABunker in Holidays & Celebrations
Sending flowers and other gifts to family members in Chennai, India, may be time consuming and costly. One way to overcome this is by sending flowers purchased through the Internet. This is less expensive and will allow you to send other gifts as well. On the Internet you can find flowers and gifts to send to family members and friends for many holidays or for no special reason at all.Difficulty:M

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