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About Chris Ofili
by Niels Kloster in Arts & Entertainment
Chris Ofili is a modern painter of both British and Nigerian heritage. His works often create controversy because they are created using unconventional materials such as elephant dung. He is a Turner Prize winner and a member of the Young British Artists. Early LifeChris Ofili was born in Manchester, England, in 1968. He began his study of art at London's Chelsea School of Art in 1988 and went
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Who is Chris Wragge?
by slippysoup in Arts & Entertainment
While American news personality Chris Wragge has covered everything from the Academy Awards to the Olympics, nowadays he's an all-around news anchor. HistoryChris WraggeRutherford, N.J.-raised Wragge was a high-school athlete, landing a football scholarship to the University of New Hampshire. Earning three varsity letters and a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, his first televised repo
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Who is Chris Beardshaw?
by Matt1970 in Arts & Entertainment
Despite applying his knowledge of horticulture to the worlds of broadcasting, campaigning, landscape design, lecturing and writing, award-winning UK personality Chris Beardshaw mostly considers himself a gardener. HistoryChris Beardshaw recently unveiled the new garden design at the Isle of Wight's Carisbrooke Castle.Beardshaw's love affair with plants started on his fourth birthday, when his p
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Who is Chris Tamburello?
by DaveStall in Arts & Entertainment
Chris Tamburello, 28, is a recurring cast member on MTV reality shows such as "The Real World: Paris" and "Gauntlet 3." Chris goes by the nickname "CT" and boasts of Italian, Greek and Irish descent. BeginningsCT was born in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in the suburbs of Boston where he most likely cultivated his trademark "Irish temper."
Cool in SchoolCT studied business management at th
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How to Dance Like Chris Brown
by jcwagers in Arts & Entertainment
Chris Brown is gaining a spot as one of the recording industry's most promising young performers. His dance moves are already being duplicated by newcomers on the scene. However, dancing like Chris Brown can be a bit of a task unless you get started with a few basics steps. Learn to dance like Chris Brown and impress everyone at your next party or club event.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

Ideas for Chris Kringle
by Jeeebus in Culture & Society
Chris Kringle, or Secret Santa, is a common tradition at Christmas. This activity often occurs between co-workers or friends who select names from a hat and buy a gift for the person. Usually there is a designated budget for these gifts. Finding something can be difficult, though, if you do not know the person who you chose very well. Gift CardsAt times cash can seem like a tacky gift to give s

How to Dress Like Chris Brown
by tanknique in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Chris Brown is an internationally known R&B singer and actor. He rose to fame in 2005 with his self-titled debut album. He is known for his upbeat dance songs, such as "Kiss Kiss," and "Run It," as well as soulful ballads such as "Take You Down." Chris Brown is also a well-known dancer and choreographer. His music videos are known for their

How to Talk Like Chris Tucker
by GTech33 in Arts & Entertainment
Chris Tucker has carved out a piece of the entertainment-industry pie with his sometimes irritating but always hilarious way of speaking. His high-pitched tone, fast jumble of angry sentences and dramatic facial expressions make Tucker's speech one of the most recognizable in Hollywood. To talk like Chris Tucker follow these steps.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Raise your voice an octave. The

How to Pass Like Chris Paul
by bigben2wardpitt in Sports & Fitness
Chris Paul is one the most dominate point guards in all of basketball. He is setting team and league records every time he takes the court. Being a point guard is to be the leader of the team and the player who gets everyone else involved. Chris Paul's passing abilities are on par with any player on earth, and there are elements to his game that can enable any player to pass better.Difficulty:Chal
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How to Buy an Antique Chris-Craft
by Ivan Maček in Sports & Fitness
Established in 1874, the Chris-Craft company has been building boats for more than 100 years. Chris-Crafts are available in a variety of styles including sail boats and wood or fiberglass motor boats. Purchase an antique or classic Chris-Craft for its beauty and performance. Turn heads with these comfortable but powerful boats that still inspire awe and boating pleasure.Difficulty:Moderately Chall

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