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How to Decorate the Dining Room for Christmas With a White & Pink Christmas Palette
by Ken in Holidays & Celebrations
A pink-and-white palette is an interesting alternative to the red-and-green color scheme that is traditional for the Christmas season. The soft combination of these colors will give your room a fresh look to complement vintage, cottage or traditional decor. Additionally, beautiful varieties of poinsettia plants are readily available in pink or white, and some plants are a combination of both. Comb

How to Make a Christmas Wreath out of a Coat Hanger by Putting Christmas Balls on It
by AnToni00 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Hanging Christmas wreaths on your front door or around your house is a wonderful way to decorate for the holiday season. Christmas wreaths made of ball ornaments can be used year after year. These wreaths are a great way to repurpose old christmas ball ornaments that may be chipped, scratched or missing a hanger.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Wire coat hanger

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids to Make During Christmas Break
by Meg in Holidays & Celebrations
Giving children the opportunity to make their own Christmas presents can not only develop a sense of pride and teach about the joy of giving but also provide a day of fun activities to curb their excitement on those days off before Christmas. Handmade gifts do not have to be expensive to be cherished. Children of any age can make many wonderful, practical gifts. Food GiftsFood items make wonder

How to Create Cheap Christmas Decorations for a Church Christmas Party
by ronansprake in Personal Finance
Christmas is an important time for any Christian-based church as members gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with parties, nativity plays and special services. Many churches have limited funds and are unable to devote a lot of money toward purchasing Christmas decorations. By using some common items found around the house, you and other members of your church can make affordable yet fest

How to Make Christmas Table Center Pieces Out of Christmas Decorations
by Ionith in Holidays & Celebrations
Unused Christmas decorations can come in handy as makeshift centerpieces when you're in a pinch or have put off planning until the last minute. Repurpose Christmas decorations that didn't find their way to your tree or mantle into simple, inexpensive centerpieces for the holiday table. You don't need to be very crafty to make table centerpieces, but you should have a good eye for what looks good a

How to Wrap Small Christmas Gifts to Look Like Christmas Party Crackers
by Mossy B in Holidays & Celebrations
If you're looking for a fun way to wrap small Christmas gifts, try wrapping them up to look like traditional Christmas party crackers. You can make them very simple with tissue paper or very ornate with thick Christmas paper and fancy medallions, stickers or magazine cutouts. They can be made with humor and whimsy or be very formal and fancy depending on how you choose to decorate them. Instead of

How to Make a Christmas Tree Centerpiece Using Christmas Balls
by el3ctron in Holidays & Celebrations
Christmas decorations add warmth and beauty to your room, and if you make them yourself they are all the more meaningful, especially if children are involved. Centerpiece possiblities for your family's Christmas dinner table include a tree made with Christmas balls. This is a simple decoration to make; you can choose the color to match the table linens or your holiday decor, and the shiny finish o

Christmas Traditions: Having a Train Beneath Your Christmas Tree
by Rob M in Holidays & Celebrations
A train beneath your Christmas tree provides added interest to any festive decoration for train lovers and holiday enthusiasts alike. This moving, interactive decor has a rich and varied history that has turned the Christmas tree train into a favorite tradition. HistoryAlthough there is no definitive date for the first use of the Christmas tree train, some believe that this tradition began in h

How to Make a Christmas Ornament Out of Christmas Card Photos
by nipplefish in Holidays & Celebrations
Many families like to have a family portrait taken and distributed as a part of their Christmas card mailing. The pictures keep family and friends updated on how your family is growing and succeeding. Alternatively, some people use a beautiful Christmas vista for the greeting card. You can add an extra touch to the card photograph by turning it into a Christmas ornament that the recipient can add

How to Make a Christmas Tree & Christmas Balls With Styrofoam
by George in Holidays & Celebrations
Make miniature Styrofoam Christmas trees to grace the home for the next holiday season and turn ordinary Styrofoam balls into elegantly embellished Christmas ornaments to hang on the family's Christmas tree. Make the Christmas ball ornaments using traditional Christmas colors or use colors that coordinate with your Christmas decorating preferences. You can make the decorations yourself or use the

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