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How to Do a Chronological Resume
by surfsatwerk in Careers & Job Searching
Chronological resumes are one of the most common and recommended formats to use when writing a resume. This type of resume has a specific sequence of categories that are filled out. The purpose is to show all of the skills and attributes of the applicant as well as give a brief history of his/her job history and education. The interviewer can scan through the chronological resume and gauge the app

What Is a Chronological Bible?
by sourceninja in Arts & Entertainment
"Let all things be done decently and in order." Like the advice given in this quote from the biblical book of 1 Corinthians, chronological Bibles, whether through oral storying, simple texts or written study types, add depth to biblical events by ordering the stories according to their historical time lines. Oral StoryingChronological Bible storying consists of speaking, playing a reading, or a

Node.js chronological issue
by David Mercer in Programming Languages

I have a problem with node.js. The commands of the program doesn't load cronologically and i don't know how to do it.
I'm trying to download some images and text from database and send it with packs of 8. But node.js runs for loop and command after loop at the same time.

Here's my code:

socket.on('background_dinamically', function(data){

How to Write a Chronological Essay
by sarah in Education
Chronological essays are typically used to write about an event or person from history. Writing in chronological order ensures the reader is introduced to the topic right from the beginning. Writing in chronological order can be difficult, but by arranging your facts and using the essay's question as a guide, you can create flowing, informative essays.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Make

How to create chronological Folder using c#?
by gnirpaz in C & C++ & C#

When I am saving a file to the filesystem, I need to store it in chronological order (only three level deep). Year -> Month -> Day -> then store file. (2010 -> June -> 01-06-2010 -> file1.txt.
If folders are already in File System then don't create them just save the file.

Whats the best approach?

how to log all Git commits in chronological order?
by The_Eclectic1 in Development Tools & Services

I want to log all commits pushed to a Git repository. I'm interested in all commits, not only in the branches I have checked out locally. Also I want to see commits that happened in branches that have been deleted already. All I need is a command similar to svn log (in Subversion). Is it possible at all?

Chronological data model
by destrekor in Databases

On the twitter website if you click on the connect tab on the top of the screen (https://twitter.com/i/connect) you get this nice little chronological display of your tweets and when new people followed you, etc.

I'm curious what could be the data model behind this to allow them to build a UI like this. I'm trying to recreate it on my own and was wondering if anybody had an idea wh

Chronological list of branches?
by skimple in Development Tools & Services

Is there a way to have the list of your (local) branches ordered by the date of the last commit on it (along with the id of the commit, maybe)?
When you have tons of branches, like me, it could be sometime useful just to have a look at your most recent work just looking at the list of branches (without inspecting the logs).

check if array is chronological
by kranky in Programming Languages

I have a list of integer arrays, and i want to check for each array if the array if chronological, if it is not I want it to be removed from the list.

At the moment I do it like this:

for (int i = 0; i < allXcombis.Count(); i++)
bool remove = false;
for (int j = 0; j < allXcombis[i].Length; j++)
if (allXcombis[i].

How to Write a Chronological Resume
by 02ranger in Careers & Job Searching
A chronological resume is the most common type of resume and can be used when applying for nearly any job. Most job seekers and employers are familiar with the style of a chronological resume, and these standard resumes are very simple to write.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions List your contact information at the top of the resume, including your full name, mailing address, telephone numb

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