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How to Use a Wing Chun Dummy
by deom2i in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A martial art, Wing Chun specializes in training students to fight in close combat using grappling and striking maneuvers. The Wing Chun dummy helps strengthen and refine these skills. The dummy consists of a vertical pole with four poles cantilevered toward the user. Three poles are arranged at chest height and form the corners of a triangle shape. The last pole is lower, near the hip region. A W
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How to Do Strikes in Wing Chun
by boomerang in Sports & Fitness
Wing Chun is traditionally a very aggressive form of Chinese martial arts. Practitioners of the sport focus on attacking the center of their opponent's body. Wing Chun martial artists seldom miss when they strike. Perfect positioning and explosive movements ensure that each strike lands where it is intended. Read on to learn how to do strikes in Wing Chun.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Reco
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How to See Wing Chun Fighting
by rbrewer in Sports & Fitness
Wing Chun fighting is not for the faint of heart. Some martial arts are built around tournaments and therefore teach techniques that disable but do not incapacitate the opponent. Wing Chun is more practical, teaching that the only rule is that there are no rules. Whatever feints, punches or kicks work are fair game. Here are some ways to see this golden rule in action.Difficulty:Moderately EasyIns
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How to Learn Wing Chun
by davidar in Sports & Fitness
So you've decided to learn Wing Chun. Congratulations! You have chosen a subtle, yet practical art. The skills required will be easy to learn, but might take a lifetime to master. Therefore, you have decided to embark on what could become an intense course of study. Here are some tips for making your experience at a Wing Chun school successful.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Find
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How to Do Wing Chun Pak Da Drills
by Steven Weber in Sports & Fitness
Wing Chun is a martial art that focuses on fighting techniques used for self-defense. It is a martial art sport developed about 400 years ago in China during the revolution. Wing Chun was designed to be a disarming form of combat that originated by rebels in hiding at Buddhist monasteries. The Pak Da drills teach basic techniques used in most all Wing Chun routines.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstru
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How to Do Wing Chun Uppercuts
by Janne Lammi in Sports & Fitness
The Southern Chinese martial arts sport of Wing Chun teaches the student to use energy wisely and forcefully. By learning Wing Chun techniques, a small person can easily take on someone twice his size. Wing Chun uppercut moves are important techniques to incorporate into your training. In Wing Chun, you will learn how to use an opponent's moves against him to your own advantage.Difficulty:Moderate

How to Do Chum Kiu in Wing Chun
by PliotronX in Sports & Fitness
Chum Kiu is the second empty-hand form in Wing Chun. This intermediate stage means "searching for the bridge" or "bridging the gap". It refers not only to bridging the gap between the first and third forms, but also closing the distance between you and your opponent. Whereas Siu Lim Tao, the first form, taught only hand and arm motions performed while stationary, Chum Kiu teaches footwork, new sta
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How to Buy Wing Chun Gear
by tonix in Sports & Fitness
The beauty of Wing Chun, according to practitioners, is the simplicity of it's philosophy. Leave it to other martial arts to muck around with fancy swords and uniforms. Still, this has not stopped companies from merchandising Wing Chun martial arts gear. Wooden horses and protective gear are sometimes used during instruction. Whatever you choose to buy, remember that the mastery of Wing Chun canno
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How to Do Wing Chun Entrance Techniques
by DeadFred in Sports & Fitness
Wing chun, or "beautiful springtime", is one of the major Chinese martial arts. It is also one of the most difficult to master. Yet its basic principles are quite simple. Wing Chun doesn't depend on brute force or acrobatics, but is rather a close-range style that emphasizes stability and efficient body mechanics. The fighting stance is compact and stable, yet fluid and relaxed.Difficulty:Moderate

How to Buy a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
by Star Gryphon in Sports & Fitness
The martial arts tradition of the Wing Chun wooden dummy goes back hundreds of years to a time when the dummy was an integral part of martial arts training in the Shaolin temple. Today, the dummy is still widely acknowledged as a superb training tool that never gets tired and rarely breaks. Follow these steps if you are looking to buy a Wing Chun wooden dummy.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Buy

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