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What Caused Henry VIII to Break From the Roman Catholic Church & Form the Church of England?
by Daniel E. Renfer in Culture & Society
Henry VIII's separation from the Catholic Church was not prompted by a theological dispute. In fact, he was a staunch Catholic early in his reign. His decision to establish the Church of England was based on practical and financial matters. Monastery"Holyrood Abbey" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: laszlo-photo (LASZLO ILYES) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.
AnnulmentHenry was m

How to Legally Show Movies at Church or Church Related Functions
by stlcardinals in Arts & Entertainment
Whether you are a pastor using portions of movies to enhance sermon points, or a Sunday School teacher, nursery or youth worker wanting to play clips or a full-length feature, unless it is being shown inside the home, the law requires that you obtain a Church Video License .
Many people do not realize that violations can result in fines up to $30,000 for each infringement. It is important t

What Are the Duties of Elected Church Officers in the United Church of Christ?
by wcf in Culture & Society
The United Church of Christ is a Christian denomination that focuses on creating an inclusive environment for members. Founded in 1957 as the union between various Protestant denominations, the United Church of Christ has been one of the more progressive Christian churches in the United States. In every church, officers that perform official duties. Church members elect these officers. Moderato

The Best Church Directories With Free Submission That Help Your Church to Grow
by Spasas in Culture & Society
Available at home and work, on smart phones and tablet PCs, the Internet gives church staff exposure to local residents looking for new church homes. The best free church directories are those which offer both an online and a printed edition, or are denominationally supported. These directories are supported by traditional and online ad revenue, or by the church denomination's headquarters. Loc

Reasons Why Your Church Nursery Is Vital to Your Church
by showb1z in Culture & Society
The church nursery plays a valuable part in the lives of everyone who uses its services or volunteers. There, preschool children and toddlers can have fun and learn new things about God and the Christian life as they experience church for the first time. Churches have a vital role in treasuring and nurturing each child and training the volunteers who serve these children in daycare settings. Pa

How to Motivate Church Members to Serve in the Church
by deshao in Culture & Society
People value their church experiences because they facilitate a spiritual outlet. But for many, church also provides a community and a sense of purpose and belonging. Encourage church members to serve in the church and assist with projects by enhancing this sense of community and enriching your church with social as well as spiritual and service-oriented opportunities.Difficulty:Moderately Challen

Proper Church Etiquette for a Church Welcome Speech
by Piriya in Culture & Society
Most pastors include a church welcome speech as a common part of a Sunday church service. This speech acknowledges those who may be visiting the church for the first time and invites members who are nearby to warmly greet the visitors. This ritual lets your visitors know that you hope they will return again and consider making your church their new church home. Do It EarlyAbout seven to 10 minu

How to Write a Church Choir Invitation to Another Church
by Ted Leung in Culture & Society
Choirs uplift a church and make people feel joy and delight on a Sunday morning. No wonder a pastor so often is proud of his choir and realizes how blessed he is to have such a fine group of singers. Often, the pastor decides to share his good fortune with other churches. So he sends an invitation to another pastor along with his flock to come hear his choir perform. But how should he organize thi

How to Do Church Rosters for My Own Church Membership
by dyarborough in Culture & Society
Assembling a roster that contains all members of one's organization is a good thing to create. Having everyone's contact information in one place and readily accessible is helpful. The most difficult part of creating a church roster is gathering all the actual information. Going from person to person might seem like a daunting task. Asking them for their personal information might be even tougher,

How to Make a Church Look Less Like a Church for a Wedding
by Wes in Weddings
Churches are a traditional venue for wedding ceremonies, and many offer affordable packages to couples looking to pay for a wedding on a limited budget. Some couples who are not thrilled about holding a wedding in a church choose to do so for the sake of family members who consider it important. If you are holding your ceremony in a church but don’t want it to look religious or like a church

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