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How to Set Up a Cisco 871 With DSL
by rhinojosa in Internet
The use of a router with your home Internet service is a simple and popular way of expanding your home network. A wired router takes an existing Internet connection and splits it between multiple devices, saving you the hassle of having to unplug and replug Ethernet cables every time you want a different device to use the Internet. Wireless routers broadcast your Internet service over the air, all
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What Is Cisco VTP?
by jeffrey in Computers
Cisco VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) is Cisco's proprietary Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) software. A Local Area Network (LAN) is a group of networked computers which act as Web or application servers for a specific building or group of buildings. A LAN is smaller and faster than a Wide Area Network (WAN). A VLAN is the software representation of several LAN groups. As a prominent manufacturer of n
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What Is Cisco PIX?
by postino in Business
Cisco Private Internet Exchange is part of Cisco’s line of firewall protection. Providing security to networks that have hundreds of thousands of users can represent a daunting task. However, the Cisco PIX is a reliable system that offers a mean time between failure of more than 60,000 hours. This however, does not mean that a network protected with the Cisco Pix is 100 percent safe. What
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What Is Cisco LMS?
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Computers
Cisco LAN Management Solution, or LMS, is a suite of applications for monitoring and administering Cisco networks. It provides task automation, establishing a solid foundation for your networks and increasing your network’s reliability. Cisco LMS delivers fault detection features and troubleshooting solutions for network problems, helping you keep your network operational and effective.
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What Is Cisco CVP?
by FriendL in Electronics
Customers represent a critical component of the success of any business. Delivering the information customers require in an efficient manner helps businesses retain customers. Businesses should choose a delivery method for information that is reliable, fast and effective. Businesses can use a voice, video or personal self-service systems to deliver this information to customers. The Cisco Customer
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How to Get a Job With Cisco
by 1sikbITCH in Careers & Job Searching
Cisco Systems, an information technology-based company, sells and designs tools and services to businesses for networking and communication technology purposes. As of 2009, its home office was located in San Jose, California; however, offices are located worldwide. Cisco Systems Inc. has experienced ongoing success since the dot-com boom. As more and more businesses made technological transitions,
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How to Upgrade a Cisco IOS Using a USB Key
by fedorafennec in Computers
Cisco IOS is the operating system used in most Cisco enterprise-class products. Some Cisco products host a USB port that can be used to upgrade the IOS without the use of a TFTP connection. The USB drive you want to use needs to be formatted using the FAT file system and must have enough space to host the IOS file and the backup you are making of your current IOS.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstruct

How to Set Up Cisco Routers
by nipj in Computers
Even though Cisco purchased Linksys in 2003, Cisco routers are still marketed and referred to as Linksys routers. The overall design and functionality has not changed since Cisco took over engineering and development for Linksys. This means setting up a Cisco router is no different than setting up a Linksys router, which is commonly considered one of the easiest routers to integrate into a home n
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How to Uninstall PDM From Cisco Pix
by slpnshot in Computers
The Cisco PDM (PIX Device Manager) provides a web based interface for Cisco PIX security appliances that simplifies configuration and provides an alternative to the Cisco CLI (Command Line Interface). However, the PDM occupies a large portion of the limited space available in flash storage which may hinder upgrades. Uninstall the Cisco PDM to clear space for a larger, upgraded IOS (Internetwork Op

How to Log in As a User on a Cisco PIX
by Jorgemr in Computers
The Cisco PIX firewall appliance supports a multiple user account database. You can use this to create and assign individual user accounts to people who require access to the PIX appliance for status, configuration or both. The Cisco PIX appliance also features an web-based interface so that users can log in to the PIX appliance through a web browser. Log in to a Cisco PIX firewall appliance throu
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