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free web service returning city names, city codes and time zone
by drudge in Programming Languages

Do you know a web service that's able let's say get a full list of cities in the world
with names, short names like PAR for Paris and time zones?

Or at least query by city name: Paris -> timezone=+02:00, abbrev=PAR

Also, what I see here: http://www.earthtools.org/webservices.htm#timezone

The number of hours offset from UTC disregarding

how to show a mark location of any city when i zoom in the country where this city belongs to it?
by Alex Bartzas in Web Design

i am doing a project where i needs to mark a location of my friend, but as many of my friend belongs to same city and even to same street, so i want that when open the google maps then this friend should not display unless i zoom in the map to that location. egs i have two friends A and B belongs to street S1,S2 and to same city New York, now i want then whenever USA citiez is not shown in map

Restaurants Near Radio City Music Hall in New York City
by keithosu in Food & Drink
Midtown Manhattan has something for everyone: Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and the Radio City Music Hall. Whether you live in Manhattan and are going to a concert at Radio City or you're a tourist in town for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, you won't be disappointed by your dining options. Like Midtown itself, the restaurants near Radio City Music Hall offer so

Get city id from ajax generating city select box to my original php page
by Dave Lievense in PHP

In my registration form there are many form elements to give users' details for registration in my web site. among those elements there are two select boxes for user to select their district and city. I have created these two select box using ajax. Therefor a user select a district then automatically ajax creating second select box for cities is populating. I used separate php page called findc

Python openweather, json - get weather by city name - how can I say that the city is incorrrect?
by Grumpy Tim in Programming Languages

I found and modified simple code to get weather condition in Python using openweather and json format. But I have a problem - how can I say that the city is incorrect?

I mean even if I pass a wrong, nonexisting city, read always gives an answer (theres no such thing like 'empty response' or something like that).

See the code below to see what I'm talking about:

How to Find a City's Name by Using the City's Code for Telephone Numbers
by Micah in Business
Area codes for cities in the U.S. have been around since 1947. Today, 87 area codes, or Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs), cover the entire country. For example, the entire state of Alabama was covered by the 205 area code at one time. Area codes have exploded dramatically in the U.S. since then, and the case is not different with city codes around the world. You can find the city that a code is assigne

How to Switch From City Select to City Navigator on the Garmin 396
by Pennsylvania in Electronics
The Garmin 396, or GPSMAP396, is the GPS choice of pilots and captains worldwide for navigating the air, land and sea. While the air and sea functions come preloaded, you must install the land maps in order to navigate streets and highways. To switch from City Select to City Navigator mapping mode on this discontinued Garmin model, you must update the software from your computer. City Navigator al

Given a state and a city with the same name how to look just for the city with google maps API?
by xes in Development Tools & Services

For instance, take Québec. It is both a province and a city. Using google maps API with the query string of 'Québec' yields the province as the result. What should I query for if I want just the city?


The Best Restaurants in City Island, New York City
by codemnky in Parties & Entertaining
City Island is a part of the borough of the Bronx in New York City. It is only one-third of a square mile in size but is packed with restaurants. Although City Island is fairly distant from the bustle of major New York City areas, it maintains the spirit of the city with its many activities and excellent food. It is a particularly unique part of the city as it more resembles a seaside town in New

How to Calculate Airline Miles From City to City
by Pete in Business
Airlines typically award frequent flier air miles for flights flown based on actual airline miles between cities. The airline mile calculation used is often different than the actual physical distance in miles between two cities. If you would like to calculate the airline miles from city to city, you can use an online calculator to determine the airline mileage figure the airlines will use for fre

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