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Heat Cleaning & Steam Cleaning Jewelry Tips for Home
by LittleCodeShop in Home & Garden
You can enhance the luster of your jewelry and save money by cleaning it at home using at-home steam cleaners. "Fingerprints, skin oils, dust, and tarnish dull the beauty of jewelry," says Rena Klingenberg for Home Jewelry Business Success Tips. By turning tap water into pressurized steam heat, these smaller cleaners remove dirt, grime and residues from jewelry without chemicals or abrasives. Also

Cleaning Code: Fresh Start vs Hardcore Cleaning
by Wild Thing in Programming Languages

so I got a budget to clean up code that I've inherited from another programmer. the code is in really bad shape, there's lots of files not being used, there's lots of functions not being used. It actually looks like linear programming instead of object oriented. My issue is whether or not I should

a) Clean the code, restructure it, and try to delete all unused resources
b) star

How to Purchase Dry Cleaning Solvent for Upholstery Cleaning
by damomurf in Home & Garden
Upholstery, such as the fabric used on couches, loveseats, chairs and recliners, can be tricky when it comes to removing stains, residue or marks on the fabric surface. Always blot up any stains or liquids as soon as possible with a clean, soft cloth. Further cleaning can be done with dry cleaning solvent, especially if the fabric tag has a cleaning code of "S", indicating that dry cleaning solven

How to Make Cleaning Products for My Cleaning Business
by Meghan54 in Business
Eco-friendly cleaning businesses are gaining popularity today. Many environmentally conscious people want to clean their homes using natural, non-toxic cleaners, but do not have the time, energy or knowledge to do so. An eco-friendly cleaning service is the perfect answer to this problem. These businesses can create their own cleaning products themselves using simple, inexpensive ingredients bough

Deep Cleaning Vs. Regular Tooth Cleaning
by fayoh in Health
Everyone should get a tooth cleaning every six months to a year. This includes cleaning and polishing and is usually not overly painful for the patient. A patient who suffers from gingivitis or gum disease may require deep cleaning, which involves deep scaling and root planing from the surface of the gums to the root of the tooth. Deep cleaning is usually recommended when the gums have started to

Which Is Better, Steam Cleaning or Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning?
by Chris in Home & Garden
When deciding whether to opt for steam cleaning or foam carpet cleaning, it is important to look at your individual needs to evaluate which option will work best. Because the two methods operate so differently, each one has its own benefits unique to certain situations. Cleaning DepthFoam cleaning affects only the surface of the carpet, and cannot reach the carpet pad below. Steam cleaning invo

Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Cleaning Furniture
by JulianCT in Home & Garden
With the recent emphasis in the past decade on living more eco-friendly and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and harmful substances, people are making and buying all-natural and eco-friendly substitutions for all kinds of products. One of the main products that is reinforced is household cleaners. When cleaning furniture, there are several combinations of household items that help to kill bacte

The Basis of the Cleaning Process in Self-Cleaning Ovens
by Dennis in Home & Garden
Self-cleaning ovens work by heating their interiors to very high temperatures, which incinerates grease and food particles and reduces them to ash. The process may cause smoke, fumes or even small grease fires, however, if it is not performed regularly and heavy buildup accumulates. Clean the oven on a set schedule several times a year, and follow all manufacturer's instructions closely to prevent

Can I Leave the Rack in a GE Self-Cleaning Oven When Cleaning?
by Niels Kloster in Home & Garden
The self-cleaning oven feature on General Electric ovens makes clean-up easier. High temperatures reduce any baked-on food debris to ashes that are easily wiped out when the oven cools. Wipe up greasy spills to prevent the oven from smoking, and always open a window or run a fan to provide ventilation. Porcelain-Coated RacksYou may leave porcelain-coated racks in a GE oven during the self-clean

Instructions for Cleaning a Sears Self Cleaning Oven
by Progdis in Home & Garden
Kenmore appliances are sold exclusively by Sears and have become indelibly associated with Sears in the mind of the public. Although Sears sells other brands of appliances, people tend to use "Kenmore" and "Sears" interchangeably. Kenmore self-cleaning ovens immolates food stuck on the oven's interior surfaces. During the self-cleaning cycle, a Sears oven will lock the oven door, raise the interna

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