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jQuery UI sortable and live() click problem — need to click twice after sorting for click to register
by InfiniteLurker in Programming Languages

I have a table I'm using jQuery UI's "sortable" on. In the table, I have rows consisting of a "drag handle" to grab and reorder the table, and cells with clickable items, like this:

<table id="test-table">
<td class="handle"><div class="ui-icon ui-icon-arrowthick-2-n-s" /></td>
<td cla

Advanced right click functionality - click and hold, show buttons, on release click what is hovered over
by Miklebud in Web Design

How would you do this in javascript/jquery?

I currently have the right-click + hold to show a div, and then it disappears on the release of the right click. However, I would like to click any button the mouse is hovered over on the release of the right click.

This is what I have so far:

// Cancel out the default context menu

javascript: Implementing selection via click, control click and shift click, such as in windows explorer
by CraKaJaX in Web Design

In Javascript:

I need to implement selection via click, control click and shift click on rows in an html table, such as in windows explorer, and I hate to write it if the code already exists.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


link click event not firing button click event on the first try (IE only). Works on second click.
by Jarques in Programming Languages

This is driving me mad. I've got a div on my page that opens up in colorbox. When the user clicks one of the links in the div, it fires an event to the code (below) which should in turn populate the hidden field and then click a server button to run some code behind.

Problem is, in IE(9) it won't click the server button on the first attempt (yes, it does go onto the client click ev

How Create a right click context menu when I click on marker in Google map Using java Script
by poofyhairguy in Java

I have developed a javascrit code which shows google map.When I click in map it creates a marker.

now what is i want, when i click on marker is should show right click menu at clicked location.

ActionScript 3 - anonymous function as click handler is called multiple times per click
by mkmitch in Web Design

I have a button labeled 'blueButton' and I'd like to use an anonymous function to handle the click, like so:

blueButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function(event:MouseEvent):void {
trace( "-----click detected-----" );
// now do other stuff

Problem is, the click handler is called multiple times per click. The number of times called

Knockout custom click binding, return true to prevent click hijack?
by dyarborough in Web Design

So we all know return true manually will allow default click action on element with a click binding, but what if I have custom binding as following:

ko.bindingHandlers.action = {
init: function(element, valueAccessor, allBindingsAccessor, context) {
var options = valueAccessor();
var params = options.slice(1);

Need a auto click off tool to automatically click on OK button of popup window in Linux
by mikieb in Development Tools & Services

I need a tool similar to ClickOff but this tool can work on Linux.

I tried several tools such as xautoclick but it is not what I want, I want to tool that can automatically click OK button when a popup window shows up (such as a webbrowser popup).

ClickOff works fine for me but the point is it cannot run on Linux. So anybody who knows such a tool or sugges

I'm storing click coordinates in my db and then reloading them later and showing them on the site where the click happened, how do I make sure it
by futurefields in Web Design

That's it basically. Storing the click coordinates is obviously the simple step, but once I have them if the user comes back and their window is smaller or larger the coordinates are wrong. Am I going about this in the wrong way, should I also store an element id/dom reference or something of that nature.

Also, this script will be run over many different websites with more than one

bug ONLY in chrome when I sort my <tr> and after click to Refresh or click to sortable Colum all my <tr> lose their width
by Paul J Warner in Web Design

It only bug on chrome (I have last version)

When you reorganise tr on table and when you click to refresh icon or when you click to column to sort it ! all tr lose their width !

You can see it on the demontration page from trirand (official webpage of jqgrid)


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