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Merging from another clone with my own clone before pushing to main clone?
by Yst in Development Tools & Services

I am working on a project being version controlled by mercurial.

I have a clone. My friend has a clone.

My friend made some changes to his clone, and then pushed them to the main clone. I have made some changes to my clone, and am ready to push to the main clone. However, I want to incorporate his changes into my own clone, before I push to the main clone (I think that's

RoR: deep clone: how do I also clone models that reference the one I'm cloning? - as in clone models via the has_many relationship
by Wonderbread in Programming Languages

My Code:

class ActiveRecord::Base
def clone!(options = {})
defaults = {:except => [:updated_at, :cerated_at, :id], :shallow => []}
options = defaults.merge(options)
skip_attributes = options[:except] or false #attributes not to clone at all
shallow_attributes = options[:shallow] or false # non-recursivly cl

Pushing Mercurial changesets from my local clone to “the real” clone?
by Jan D in Web Design

I created a project at Google code, and am using Mercurial for it.

I made a clone of the project: farm-myclone up on Google code.

I pull out a copy of farm-myclone, and start adding files, modifying files, etc.

I use hg commit, then hg push to get changes back into my clone's repository.

Now I wa

Is it possible to dynamically clone an Adobe Edge animation Symbol and manipulate each clone individually?
by Al Velella in Web Design

I have a web page containing an Adobe Edge animation. The animation contains a single stage and a single symbol. I want to use the symbol element as a button.

The problem is I need multiple identical buttons, each behaving the same way visually, but positioned differently. Is there a way to programmatically (via JavaScript) "clone" a symbol such that multiple copies appear on the st

JQuery Clone () Issue. A simple program to clone a block of code is behaving unexpectedly
by Luciano Campos in Web Design

I am a beginner in this field.
I created a HTML page and on the click of some "+"/"-" buttons I am calling add() and remove() respectively from Multiple.js file to add or remove a block of code from the HTML page. But I am getting unexpected results. The files are as follow:
Multiple Group Selection.html


Is clone method is expensive in terms of performance? If we use Sping provided BeanUtils.copyProperties then what will be advantage over clone?
by in Programming Languages

Please provide more details or alternative approaches for this.

Please note: I am not overriding the clone method, also I will be grateful if anybody could explain if I should override the clone method and what the advantage would be.

Is there any way to make jQueryUI sortable to clone items on alt or ctrl and don't clone without it?
by kpkp in Programming Languages

Is there any way to make jQueryUI sortable to clone items on alt or ctrl and don't clone without it? I did this with

activate: function(event, ui) {
if (event.altKey) {
stop: function(event, ui) {

clone of elements make collision and only one time clone can be made
by ISAslot in Programming Languages

I am using jQuery.
My problem is that a clone of an element can be made one time only, and after dropping in work area they are(dropped clones) no longer movable.
What I want is:

in work area as many clone as possible can be dropped
clones must not collide
they must be movable
they must be re-sizable

I can do these stuff separately but i tried many time

How to clone partially using TortoiseHG “Clone” on bitbucket?
by Matt Brewer in Development Tools & Services

I want to clone part of repository to non-tip changeset, so I use TortoiseHG -> Clone command, enter commit URL and clone. For some reason I get the clone to the last changeset, not that I wanted to clone.

How to clone to old changeset?

I've read that I can do this with git commands. Can I do it with TortoiseHG?

Drop, clone, Draggable, continues to clone after dragging in new div
by DJ-phYre in Programming Languages

This is my first attempt at drag and drop with cloning an element.
I have gotten this far by reading articles and going through examples and other trouble issues posted on this site. But 1 thing has eluded me is the cloning of an image.
Once I drop the image into the new div, it clones and is still movable. but after i move the clone, it continues to clone new images, leaving an exist

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