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How can I escape all code within <code></code> tags to allow people to post code?
by postmortemIA in Programming Languages

What I want to do is to allow users to post code if they need to, so it is viewable and it doesn't render. For example:

<div id="hkhsdfhu"></div>

Should be turned into:

&lt;div id="hkhsdfhu"&gt;&lt;/div&gt;

Is it normal that YARD doesn't replace `code` with <code>code</code>?
by mndoci in Programming Languages

I'm just starting to use YARD for documenting my Rails app. I didn't specify any specific Markup handler, but I would have expected that `code` would be converted to code, which doesn't seem to happen. Is this normal behavior? Do I have to add some additional option to make this work? Thank you.

How to create an Intellij and Eclipse compatible code style and code formatting configuration (for java code)?
by maniacalpha1-1 in Java

Few weeks ago I tried Intellij and I found it really awesome. Now, at my project there are two programmers (including me) using Intellij and few other programmers who are going to keep using Eclipse. Since this project is already very large and it's going to grow a lot, we need to use compatible Code Style and Code Formatting between Intellij and Eclipse. We do not want to have problems when on

JQuery-Mobile code assist (code (auto) completion, code hinting) for Netbeans IDE
by Baskaran in Web Design

is there any code assist (code completion, code hinting) feature or plugin for the Netbeans IDE (not autocomletion for text input fields such as for names or states but a code assist (!) for coding)?

As far as I know only Dreamweaver CS5.5 supports this so far.

Can i use Microsoft.CCI.dll (CCI Metadata) & CCIAST (CI Code) to perform source code analysis while code is being written?
by HoagieMon in Programming Languages

I want to automate "code inspection" while a user is typing in a small Visual Studio Addin i am working on.

All i need is a very small subset of functionality that CodeRush, Resharper and FxCop already offer. Here is what i need done:

Analyze what user is typing in Visual Studio IDE
Determine last typed code
Change or format(colors/underlining) written code based

Looking for a Code Converter to Convert a Normal Java Code to Reflection-Style Code
by Czech Republic in Java

I'm looking for a converter to make a reflection-style Java code from a normal Java code. I'm doing this to prevent exceptions like NoClassDefFoundError (I want to be dependent to a class, but I want Java to simply ignore the code if the library I'm using doesn't have that dependency class).

I expect converter like this:

initial code:

com.foo.MyClass myCl

Android Open Source SDK or Library for VIN Scanning (Code 39, Code 128, DataMatrix, QR Bar Code)
by Comfly in Programming Languages

I have made VIN Scanning demo based on ZXing library but it is very slow to read the Code 39, 128, Data Matrix. Then I used Android Zbar SDk . It works great 50% faster than Zinx Library on code 39 , Code 128 and QR Bar code but not read Data Matrix.But Autoniq Vin scanning app(downloaded from android market) is 80% faster than Zbar Sdk and read Code 39, 128, Data Matrix and QR bar code .

How can I see parse tree, intermediate code, optimization code and assembly code during COMPILATION?
by liganic in Programming Languages

I am studying Compilers course, compilation of program follows below steps

Lexical analysis
Syntax analysis
Semantic analysis
Intermediate code generation
Code optimization
Target code generation.

How can I see output of each step e.g I want to see parse tree after syntax analysis.

I am compiling program on Linux machine with GCC compiler.

Library or code to do Marker Code or Watermark Code error correction
by MeldarthX in Web Design

Is anyone aware of any libraries or freely available code to encode/decode Marker Codes or Watermark Codes? I don't really care about the language as long as it can run on a normal Linux box.

Any references to programs which can do Watermark/Marker error correcting codes would also be great. So far all I can find are papers on the subject, which don't release their source code,

ASP.NET Page does't show code behind code when clicking on Design code
by Rakehellion in Programming Languages

Page does't show code behind code when clicking on Design code and also code behind code display error as control not found

Below code display error : System Error

<%@Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Register.aspx.cs" Inherits="Register" %>

I don't why it fetches this type of error ,please help me

Code Behin


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