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Load Codeigniter into Eclipse to work on more projects similar to CodeIgniter Video tutorials
by joshboles in Programming Languages

I use codeigniter along with XAMPP (all in one :-D, very nice!) for php coding and I too fall for these two basic tutorials http://codeigniter.com/tutorials/. I think about Eclipse as a similar editor, similar to the one the tutor is using in the videos. But I am unable to figure out how to load all files/folders into the eclipse, the same done by the editor in the videos.
I am totally new t

codeigniter: why is this model issuing a codeigniter session related severe warning issue?
by Dan in Programming Languages

here is the model:

class Generalfeaturesmodel extends CI_Model
protected $websitename;
public function __construct()
$this->websitename = 'GameSwap';
// helper function that retrieves

Login url redirects to home page after hiding index.php using htaccess in codeigniter - [Codeigniter url redirection issue]
by Lucas Thompson in Development Tools & Services

I am developing a shopping cart site using Codeigniter Gocart script. I hid index.php using htaccess. When I try to login using localhost/project143/secure/login, it works fine and goes to login page. But when I try the login link in live as hostname/projects/project143/secure/login, it redirects to home page instead of login page.The login page with index.php in the URL (http://hostname/projec

CodeIgniter - Using existing classes with CodeIgniter, any problems with including them directly?
by davidg in Programming Languages

I am considering using CodeIgniter as the framework for my next web-application. However, I already have a large number of helper classes and data structures defined. I could add them to the application's library but I have to rename a large number of files and classes' name to match the criterion

Can I just directly include files as in working on a normal web application, bypassing

Codeigniter: how to serve static html pages in codeigniter context
by thejunglegod in Web Design

Hi all
I want to serve some static html pages in codeigniter context. I dont want to bypass the index.php file in the base_url.
But when I user the call to the HTML file, it dispays the 404 error page.
I appreciate any help for this topic from guys who already solving this problem . Thanks for all in advance

I want to precise this elements:

my real problem is

CodeIgniter: Decision making for creating of library & helper in CodeIgniter
by Ingo in Web Design

After developing in CodeIgniter for awhile, I find it difficult to make decisions when to create a custom library and when to create a custom helper.

I do understand that both allow having business logic in it and are reusable across the framework (calling from different controller etc.)

But I strongly believe that the fact that CI core developers are separating librarie

get codeigniter page output and place it on non-codeigniter site
by knockout-2.0 in Programming Languages

Hey guys was hoping you could help me out.

I am working on a site that essentially has two parts, one in codeigniter and one in non-codeigniter(i.e in magento).

I know this is a bad idea to begin with, but too late now.

Now thing is, I need a particular page's output AS-IS from the codeigniter site on the other site (the page is basically a search page). And

Codeigniter When on based url and with get parameteters , codeigniter cant find page
by hochi in Programming Languages

I have a web page via codeigniter:


İt's working with .htaccess, get parameters successfully but when anyone come to root with get parameters , site cant find.

example :


is there anyone can help me ?

Check folder exist using ftp library in codeigniter codeigniter
by bauer100 in Programming Languages

How to check the existence of a folder in a remote directory using ftp library in codeigniter

CodeIgniter input class outside codeigniter
by BiaachMonkie in Programming Languages

I'm moving an app from flat file php to codeigniter and I'd like to integrate the two as much as possible before moving over completely. I'm looking to specifically use the input class outside of codeigniter but it looks like I'd also need to use the controller logic (to get access to input segments). Can anyone walk me through using the input library in a flat file php?

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