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Excel Spreadsheet - If Email Address in Column B Exists in Column A Say “Match Found” in Column C
by sordumsoruyu in Programming Languages

I have two columns of email addresses in an excel spreadsheet. I need to know if an email address in column B exists in column A.

If an email address in column B does exist in column A, I'd like it to read "match found" next to the corresponding email address in column C.

I'm playing around with something I found here on StackOverflow that looks something like:

Need to load an html page in the center column (of a three column layout) when a link is clicked in the left column
by Ubermateo in Programming Languages

This functionality works in a separate project (just not in my three column layout) and I'm wondering if I'm suppressing the 'load' by something that I've done in my css.

I've posted this on jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/FhpE7/8/

How can I get jQuery code that displays an html page in the center column when a link on the left column is clicked with my three column layout
by phokus in Coding

I'm asking the question above b/c in a different thread on 'stackoverflow' I've been able to prove that the jQuery code described above works. I'm just wondering if I'm doing something in my three column css layout that prevents me from seeing the html page displayed. Any insight?

Here's the css and jQuery. The html markup is a list item menu in the left column, trying to get the

Excel - How to Compare Cells from 2 Columns then if Column B Matches, Use the Value in Column C next to the Matching Cell in Column B?
by Chris Tattum in Programming Languages

I don't know who else to ask, so if you can help, I'd really appreciate it.

I have 4 columns:

In column A, I have an updated list of 1000 product Sku's ie. A1001 from column C.
In column B, its empty.
In column C, I have the old list of 1500 sku's
In column D, I have a name value that corresponds to the sku in column C. ie. Pita bread

Sample Da

CSS: Is it possible to have a 3-column layout with BOTH the left column and center column flexibly filling the space?
by Omer72 in Web Design

It is possible to use position:absolute and left and right on the middle column to set where it ends in relation to the parent div.

However I'd like to be able to have the left side of the center div to start right where the left column ends, and for the left column to be adjustable (based on its content).

This seems like a really

Merging of Flexgrid Column with one Customize column and remaining column with DataSocurce binding
by laptop302.vn in Programming Languages

I have one FlexGrid Control in that I want First Column as Button for Select Cell and Remaining Column are from DataTable by assigning Datasource of Grid I did Following

private void POListForInvoice_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Column Select = c1FlexGrid1.Cols[1];
ConnectionDB Data = new ConnectionDB("Purchase_Id", "Purchase_Order

In a 2-column layout, how do I make one column expand to total width if I remove the other column?
by Londo_Jowo in Web Design

Better explained with a markup:


<div><!--both sidebar and content share width-->
<div id="content"><!--maybe at 30%-->
<div id="sidebar"><!--may be at 70%-->


#sidebar{float:left;} /* no idea what width*/

For every column in a sheet search for a value in a cell, then select that column and insert a column before that one
by ShiggityShaw in Programming Languages

I was trying to write a macro that performed the following:

For every sheet in the workbook:
1. Select a column
2. Search in the selected column for a specific value in the Row number 5
3. If that value matches another cel (A1), then Insert two columns before the selected column

Perform the same for every column in the sheet. (i mean, those columns where th

How to create a 2 column design where when the first column is full, it will automatically display on the second column?
by slippysoup in Web Design

How to create a 2 column design? When the data display is full on the first column, it will automatically display on the second column?

the restriction is I cannot set a limit for the data since they are dynamic, means sometimes got 20 posts of data, but sometimes only got 2 posts. All the data have to be evenly split into 2 columns, vertically, as you can see, like the red counter

PHP MYSQLi - Backup column data (into another table/column) before updating column
by Andrew L. in Network & Servers

I am working on a system which keeps track of what was in the field, prior to it being updated. I'd prefer using a table for the previous data, but am open to other options. This is some sample code which would accomplish the task :

$initial_value = $_POST['some_value'];
$id =231212213; // some id
$stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT column FROM table WHERE

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