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Combine Directory and File Name in PHP ( equivalent of Path.Combine in .Net)
by Davidpaul007 in PHP

This should be a simple question, but I just can't recall the relevant API. A search on google with the term "combine directory name php" doesn't yield any results. So I guess I am doing both myself and the programming community a service by asking this question.

How to combine directory and file name to form a full file path in PHP? Let's say the directory name is "D:setup pr

how to combine combine two foreach loops into one
by YooperDave in Programming Languages

Here is my code so far now i want to combine this what i can do ?

<th>Imported Files</th>
<th>Report Files</th>
$dir = str_replace("/var/www/13_Feb/subscriber-files/","","/var/www/13_Feb/subscriber-files/u*.[cC][sS][vV]"

Javascript - To combine or not combine, that is the question
by Bruce in Programming Languages

Ok, so I know that it's obvious to combine all of a pages Javascript into a single external file for efficiency purposes, but that's not quite the question here.

Say I have Default.htm with a search field that has a little Javascript magic attached to it. Then I have Contact.htm with a contact form that has some Javascript magic attached to it. And finally I have a FAQ.htm with so

Combine SQL with PHP
by Lathentar in PHP
$months = array('January', ... , 'December');
FROM `residencies`
WHERE `Year` = 2010
ORDER BY array_search($months,`MonthFrom`) `DayFrom`';

Doesn't work (i already feared that), it's supposed that the elements are sorted by first the position of MonthFrom in the array $months, and those who have the same position should be sorted

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Combine XML from T-SQL
by poofyhairguy in Databases

I have two separate tables TVs and Receivers that I am using the FOR XML PATH commands to build XML off of. My issue is that I want to combine the output of my TV XML Build with my Receiver XML Build to create one XML output.

So I would have something like this(Which allows me to keep the TVs and Receivers Tags Separate within the FilterData Root):

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How to Combine SRT With MP4
by IlLogiK in Computers
SRT are one of the most common types of subtitles, a standard for playback with AVI, MKV and MP4 video files. All PC users can combine SRT subtitles with MP4s for playback in Windows Media Player; however, you must download and install codecs for MPEG-4 and SRT playback. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, available for a free download, contains all necessary codecs for playback in Windows Media Player, allev
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How to combine has() and gt()
by Thyrius in Web Design

With jQuery 1.4.2, I can't figure out how to combine has() with :gt. I'd like to select any <ul> which contains more than 3 <li>s, so here's what I've tried:

.each( function() {
$(this).css("border", "solid red 1px");
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how to combine value of same tag in xml
by André Rocheleau in Programming Languages

I'm new in XML and I having problem in combining 2 value in XML with the same tag name.

Example of XML,

<text>My name</text>

I want to get the output of "My name James".. any

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What Happens When You Combine a PhD with an MBA?
by mckasty in Careers & Job Searching
Combining a PhD with an MBA yields you two degrees -- the former is a terminal degree in a very specific topic, while the latter is a high-level business degree in a broader, more applied topic such as finance, marketing or management. Combining them gives you two distinct skillsets, which, if presented well, can make you very attractive to employers. Time and MoneyOne of the first effects of a

Combine C++ and C
by Israel in C & C++ & C#

I was trying to do a DirectX tutorial, but I wanted to write the application in C and not in C++. So I wrote the code in C, but when I tried to compile it I got lot's of errors on the "setupD3D" function. So I just renamed a file to .cpp. But the new code didn't compile either. I think that combining C and C++ is the problem, or there are to many cross-references. Can anyone tell me what the pr

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