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Binding ComboBox with Generic List so that value of combobox item represents bound object
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying my hands on WPF. I am trying to bind a ComboBox with List<MyClass> where MyClass is user defined class. I want to set SelectedValuePath property of ComboBox so that, value of ComboBox item represents object of MyClass.

I tried setting SelectedValuePath property to . and

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I want to create combobox dynamically in datagridview and filter the values in combobox when populate
Category : Web Design

actually I am getting combobox in datagridview dynamically,
that is where I am not able to bind values into combobox...
I am using if condition to bind values in it

foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dgvTrans.Rows)
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
DataRow dtRow;

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How to make Dependant ComboBox in ExtJS using Ajax works? My second ComboBox keeps loading
Category : Development Tools & Services

Hope you all are Ok. I have the next problem using two combos (in fact, is an example I'm trying to do, but I can't get the desired result) with ExtJS 4.

My goal is, using one combo and by selecting one of its items, the second combo displays different data (I need to accomplish this excersise to implement the Country-State-City combo set). Since all is an example, it couldn't make

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How do I remove JQuery UI autocomplete combobox text when user click on combobox?
Category : Programming Languages

I have 5 jquery combobox on a single page and I want to remove text from combobox when user clicks on it. This should only remove text from selected combobox.

I use following code to convert dropdowns into jquery combobox

$(function() {
$( "select" ).combobox();

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ComboBox Selected Item or ComboBox text Which you prefer to get the Combo Box Value in WinForm C#?
Category : C & C++ & C#

When i saw the Combo box Propriety Selected item and text Returns Same value in WinForms.

So What is Difference in between,.. Where i use ComboBox.SelectedItem ?
and Where i use ComboBox.Text?

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C# WinForms - filtering one combobox based on the value of another combobox in a databound datagridview
Category : Programming Languages

I have 4 tables - Agents, Customers, Counties and Towns. Agents and Customers both have a Town field and a County field. I have a DataGridView for each table. These are working great. I have the Town and County as comboboxes using the Towns and Counties table as the datasource.

The problem is that it does not filter the Town based on the selected County. I would like it to do this,

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How to Change Combobox Background Color while Clicked(ComboBox is Open) in WPF?
Category : Development Tools & Services

Can anybody knows,

How to Change Combobox Background Color while Clicked(ComboBox is Open) in WPF?

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change native behavior of ComboBox - comboBox is hightlighted when changes its size
Category : Programming Languages


According to another forum, this is not a MS issue, because they say that is the "native" behavior of the CombBox.

If the ComboBox has a DropDownStyle = DropDown and changes its size, the text is highligted, if the form has many ComboBox seems that the contro

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How do I update the ItemsSource for a WPF ComboBox without losing the Text typed into the ComboBox
Category : Databases

I have a WPF ComboBox (IsEditable = True) that is being populated with items based on the Text entered. I have a property that is bound to ItemsSource. This property is updated in a KeyUp event handler on the ComboBox.

The issue I'm having is that when all the text is selected and a new key is pressed - replacing all the highlighted text with a new character - the new character

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Combobox that list items based in the selected item in another combobox
Category : Programming Languages

I do have a routine that uses PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. There are two tables: tbl_category and tbl_subcategory just like this:


They have some information inside like

1 Jeans
1 Heavy

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