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IBAction button to send a command to ip camera to rotate. The command is a html link with username password and CGI command but it redirects to safari
Category : Mobile Programming

I'm trying to make an app in xcode for my iphone to control my ip camera so I've setupa controller with a webview which loads a html link to my ip cam. I've also setup some IBActions linked to some buttons trying to control the camera movements when pressing the buttons (right, left up, down).
Each IBAction linked to the buttons looks like


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Rebol Call Command doesn't behave exactly like Dos command (ex with Subversion command line)
Category : Programming Languages

This Subversion import command works on dos command line:

"C:Program FilesSubversioninsvn.exe" import c:myproj file:///c:/svnrepo/myproj -m "test"

If I try to send the same command with Rebol Call Command with this script:

Print "This command will and your files to the repository without requiring a working copy"
repo-directory: to-lo

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Ruby Command Line: How can I send the CTRL-C command via text in the command line?
Category : Web Design

I am trying to create a simple Automator droplet that will take the style.less file dropped into it and run the following LESS command on it:


which will monitor the file I have dropped in for any changes and will then automatically update the outputted style.css

FYI: I am using LESS to have

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How to do Commit and Rollback If Insert command or update command in for loop using c# in windows application
Category : C & C++ & C#

Can any body explain this scenario..

I know using one insert or update or any command with out for loop we can do commit and rollback if any errors in the data.

But my doubt is if i have insert command or update command in for loop then when will do commit or rollback.

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Java + Command Pattern + Spring + remoting : How to inject dependencies to Command object?
Category : Programming Languages

In my current project I'm dealing with EJBs implementing huge interfaces.
Implementation is done through a business delegate, which implement the same interface and contains the real business code.

As suggested by some articles like


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How to insert another UPDATE SQL command to execute in this code, which use another SQL command to delete one or multiple records
Category : Programming Languages

I have this code work for deleting one or multiple records from order table when user select order from checkboxes. Now that I have inventory module, I want my inventory record update qty (add the product quantity back to current inventory) once the order had been canceled.

Actually, this shouldn't be problem if the code was implement for delete one record at a time. However, this

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how to redirect result “!find …” command to put lftp command
Category : Operating Systems

I'd like to put files from result of !find command from lftp.

I tried:

$> lftp -u foo, sftp://bar
lftp foo@bar$> put < !find ./local -type f

But failed!!

This worked:

$> lftp -u foo, sftp://bar
lftp foo@bar$> !find ./local -type f | awk '{print "put "$1}' > /tmp/files.lftp
lftp foo@bar$&g

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Powershell Copy-item command not working in script although it does work when run from a command line
Category : Programming Languages

I am on a Windows 7 machine trying to execute a PowerShell script to copy a template directory to another directory. The command I am executing looks like:
Copy-Item -path "$projectsFolder$SourceFolder" -destination "$Test" -recurse -verbose;

The parameters are as follows:

path: C:UsersusernameDocumentsVisual Studio 2010ProjectsTemplateSolutionSource

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catching return code of a command with “invoke-command” - Powershell 2
Category : Web Design

I am using "invoke-command" to execute a script on a remote machine.

invoke-command -computername <server_name> -scriptblock {command to execute the script}

My script returns "-1" when there are any errors.
So, I wanted to ensure that script has executed successfully by checking the return code.

I tried as follows.


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Is the “xsd” command not supported in Visual Studio 2012 command window?
Category : Programming Languages

I've read that it is possible to run xsd commands right in visual studio (2010). I have VS 2012 on my machine and when I run

xsd XMLFile.xml

I get

Command "xsd" is not valid.

So, is the "xsd" command not supposted in VS 2012 and is there any other way to execute "xsd" in VS 2012?

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