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Android - Query contacts with phone number, return Name and Company, even if Company has not been specified
by kakashi_ in Programming Languages

As stated in the title, I want to query all Contacts that have specified a phone number and return a cursor that contains only the display name and company name of the contact. I would like only 1 row returned for each contact.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

Cursor contactsCur = getContentResolver().query(

Is a Managing Member of a Limited-Liability Company Liable for Company Obligations?
by dlouzan in Business
The primary reason you form a limited-liability company to operate your business is to protect your personal assets from the company's debts and obligations. Every state has enacted laws authorizing the formation of an LLC and governing its activities. As a rule, the owners of the LLC -- called members -- have the right to manage the affairs of the company; however, the members also have the optio

When a House Burns Does the Insurance Company Send the Money to the Mortgage Company?
by oferrer in Personal Finance
If you suffer a loss to your home from a fire, you want to get back into your home as quickly and easily as possible. This won't be easy, because chances are you must work with your insurance company, mortgage lender and contractors simultaneously, all while dealing with your everyday needs. Your mortgage lender is a party to all repair settlements from the insurer. Two-Party ChecksUntil your m

Large Company Vs. Small Company Employee Benefit Packages
by poofyhairguy in Business
Benefits packages are the incentives provided to employees. They are a form of compensation that can add to a person's salary. Benefits can also help attract talented employees. Companies have a wide variety of benefits to choose from. However, large and small companies often differ in what they can feasibly offer their employees. InsuranceInsurance is one of the most common benefits offered by

Can a Company Sue for Nondisclosure If You Do Not Turn Over All Company Documents Prior to Quitting?
by Mai72 in Business
Intellectual property law deals with the creation of trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and patents. Certain company documents may fall under intellectual property law. These documents are considered an intangible form of property, and are not concrete, such as real property or personal property, such as a car or a sofa. Some examples of intangible property are documents containing trade secret

How to Write the Company Description for a Catering Company Business Plan
by denis280 in Business
A company description is the first and most essential part of a business plan. For the caterer, your company description tells investors and customers who you are and what you offer. To write this description, think hard about what makes you unique and different.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Begin with the basics of your catering company, such as type of catering, time in business and what you of

how do I filter the olive oil company from the wine company in amazon product api?
by LeeFlannery in Development Tools & Services

I trying to get the company that make the olive oild but not wine via the amazon product

How do I add “via my company name”, company logo, and a link to my website to a Facebook share using AddThis buttons and Javascript
by Daniel E. Renfer in Javascript

How do I add "via my company name", company logo, and a link to my website to a Facebook share using AddThis buttons and Javascript

I have a Ruby on Rails web application, and the user interface uses Javascript. Currently, I have working AddThis share buttons. The way my website works is, a user is presented an article from the internet and has the option to share it using the share

Is It Better to Do a Home Modification Through Your Mortgage Company or an Independent Company?
by Jesse McDowell in Personal Finance
Most major mortgage companies provide a way for homeowners to modify their mortgages. The federal government even created a home modification program for homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments. However, borrowers desperate to hold onto their homes can easily fall victim to unethical companies wishing to scam them out of thousands of dollars. You can benefit from the help of an outside age

Can a Company Require You to Use Your Personal Phone for Company Business?
by Erenhardt in Business
In many businesses, cellphones aren't convenient, they're essential. Some companies want salespeople available to the customers 24/7, while other employees must be on-call for emergencies. Now that cellphones make it possible to reach you anywhere, being out of touch can seem like a cardinal sin. If your employer wants you to use your own phone for business, refusing may not be an option if you wa

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