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Javac compilation target 1.7 differs from Eclipse Juno compilation JDK 1.7 when infering Generics
by zealot1983 in Programming Languages

I currently have a compilation issue with Gradle using target 1.7 and source 1.7 vs Eclipse Juno using the built-in 1.7 jdk.

I have 5 classes :

Info.java --> Interface that has no methods (for example)

public interface Info { //... }

RealInfo.java --> Interface that extends the Info interface

public interface RealInfo e

How to highlight source in Emacs compilation-mode when compilation error occurs
by saikoh in Programming Languages

I read the documentation about compilation-mode but I didn't find any technique to hightlight source code where a compilation error occurs.

For example change the background color of the source code that produces the compilation error (like the red underline in Eclipse or Netbeans). And also a way to read the error message somewhere.

Maven compilation failes (but compilation under Eclipse is successful)
by Enar in Programming Languages

While building my web project from Eclipse, everything is fine: no errors, no warnings.

However while building project with Maven it failes. Below is the output form mvn compile:

c:UsersjwaDesktop ets raffic_web>mvn
compile -e
+ Error stacktraces are turned on. [INFO] Scanning for projects... [INFO]

g++ compilation doesn't work, whereas XCode compilation does
by skulldrinker in Programming Languages

I am working on a BigInt class which stores Values in a string so I can calculate with higher Numbers. It works very good, and when I compile it with XCode (Mac-IDE), everything works. But when I compile the exact-same code in g++ and then run it, it gives me a "Segmentation fault 11" at the modulus-operator-method

Here it is:

BigInt BigInt::operator% (BigInt param) {

.NET compilation without JIT possible?
by ArmHead in Programming Languages

Is it possible to compile a .cs directly in x86 code ?
I mean, I want to observe what happened with IDA Pro, so I didn't want IL code but asm code.


GWT compilation on the fly
by Gipsy.D in Programming Languages

Is there a way to run Google Web Toolkit compiler directly from Java code to compile the source code made on the fly? In the same manner as javax.tools for example.

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GWT Compilation
by Israel in Web Design

I am facing problem while GWT compilation. I am using ANT build file in which i run 'build' target. when execution comes to 'gwtc' target the compilation sometimes stop or somtime it compiles successfully. Can anyone please tell me what i am doing wrong ?
I am using GWT2.0

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Asp.net dynamic compilation
by Brazil in Web Design

With Asp.net web sites and ASMX web services, can some explain what can change once an application has been deployed.

For web sites, I can see that the you can change the aspx files but for web services, I am not sure what can be changed. Any real-world examples of where changing files and dynamic compilation is useful?.


ASP.NET Compilation Error
by Londo_Jowo in Programming Languages

I'm working on a Web Site project (not Web Application) under Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2008 and using C# as the language.

In the web site I'm having a reference to a Service (an ASMX file in a server). When I run the application locally it can show the Default.aspx with no problems but when I upload it to my hosting site it gives me a "Compilation Error":

Sass compilation on Mac
by Bado in Web Design

I'm just getting started with Sass. I'm translating an old stylesheet that I had kicking around into Sass to compare the resulting CSS with my own hand coded CSS. The original stylesheet is from a responsive site, so I've been writing media queries in this way:

font-family: Arial, sans-serif
font-size: 14px
margin-bottom: 25px
font-size: 18
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