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Remote Debugging: Target computer cannot connect back to this computer. Authentication Failed
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to set up remote debugging from my development machine into a production environment running in a virtual machine, but no matter what I do I get the following error:

Unable to connect to the Microsoft
Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor
named . The
Visual Studio Remote Debugger on the
target computer cannot connect back to
this co

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Added a file to Android project on one computer, did SVN update, and now showing up in Eclipse on second computer?
Category : Android

I created an xml file on one computer in Eclipse for an android project, and then did an SVN commit to upload it. Then I updated on my second computer (which previously wasn't showing anything at all in the project explorer but I fixed that by adding .project and .classpath to the syncing) but the new file isn't showing up in Eclipse. It's definitely in the folder, but it's not showing it.

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Are there any well-known algorithms or computer models that computer scientists use to predict FIFA World Cup winners?
Category : Programming Languages

Occasionally I read news articles that mention about some computer models that computer scientists use to predict winners of some sporting events or the odds for betting which I think there must be a mathematical model behind it. I never bothered to think twice even though I am a "pseudo computer scientist" myself. With the 2010 FIFA World Cup just underway, and since I am also a "pseudo foot

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how push my changed files on my local computer to another computer in same network in netbeans with git
Category : Network & Servers

I use git and netbeans.
I have tow computer in network.one of them have :

and the other one is :

in i created a project in netbeans and on team->git->initialize , initialize git on it.

in i clone and make copy of project on


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How to Send or Transfer From Computer to Computer Using Serial or Parallel Port Cables
Category : Computers
Parallel port cables provide a reliable option for creating a small network and transferring data directly between two computers. While support for parallel port connections and networks has been removed from modern computer operating systems due to the availability of more efficient connection types--like Bluetooth, universal serial bus (USB) and Ethernet--users of older operating systems can st

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How to Import Email Files From Outlook Express on an Old Computer to Thunderbird on a New Computer
Category : Internet
When buying a new computer, it is often useful to back up your old files, folders, and data so that the switch is not as troublesome as it could otherwise be. If you accessed email via Outlook Express on your old computer and are choosing to use Mozilla Thunderbird on the new system, then you will need to move the store folder from the old computer. This will include putting the data on a USB stic

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How to to prevent a GPO from applying on a group of users on a specifed computer (ie. if userGroup = x AND computer = y)
Category : Development Tools & Services

I currently have an AD where all my servers sit in the same "Servers" OU.
Some of these servers have the terminal service role and belong to the "TS enabled" computers group.
I created a GPO containing many user restrictions that should apply to all TS enabled servers by default, so that end users connecting to these machines via remote desktop don't have access to everything. This GP

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The Best Computer Software to Clean Up & Speed Up a Computer Loaded With Error Messages
Category : Computers
Error messages are extremely frustrating for any computer user. Errors frequently slow down computer performance and can also affect the compatibility of computer peripherals such as printers and scanners. Errors are sometimes caused by viruses, spyware or interference from older programs and drivers that are not functioning properly. Numerous software options assist in eliminating excess programs

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how to upload my image to another computer that shared a folder Images with my computer
Category : Programming Languages

I want to upload my image to another computer that shared a folder Images with my computer.
This is image's path:


This is my code:

chmod ("//", 0777);
move_uploaded_file($tmpname, "//" . $str . "." . $type);

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How to include Database in C# application when it runs in new computer after it is installed on that computer?
Category : C & C++ & C#

I made a C# based application that use SQLCommand, SQLConnection and SQLAdapter (SQL objects) with database named "base1".
Problem is that, SQL is installed in my PC along with Visual Studio, so App recieve no problem in connecting itself to base1 for transaction of data.

Now, i want to make setup of this application. I want to add "base1" in this setup so that when new user i

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