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gpl licence concern
by Vrki in Web Design

when you use and edit something under GPL licence ? say a program or website design template ,
how should I write the copy rights now of the new product ?

p.s "licence are PITA I never get the sooo many terms and regulations!, i just need simple human answer please."

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Do the UI first with SketchFlow - Do I concern about the UI look?
by Martin Koch in Development Tools & Services

There is no questions: UI-First Software Development. But what does it takes to do the UI first?

I started to build a website, a complicated one, and know I start to concern about the UI. Instead to start coding html+css, I decided to start with SkecthFlow. now, I'm very confused. Do I want to build a exact sketch? meaning to think about colors, fonts make sure that the button will

App Store Concern for iOS 6
by jfraser in Software

As the iOS 6 is available in the market and this time iOS has his on MAP. I need to post an application, this application uses the map API provided by google. Please let me know if app will get approved by app store or not. Seems they will not reject it but in that do i need to send any special notes to app store fore the same?

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is there any cause for concern using log4net with .NET 3.5 and later
by ChrisMe in Development Tools & Services

I have read this page and noticed that .NET 3.5 is not specifically listed. Is this cause for concern?

ASP.NET MVC ViewModel Concern
by Stuka in Programming Languages

Should i consider ASP.NET MVC ViewModels only containing flat and primitypes types or it should contains complex Core/Domain model types ?

I'm looking for best practices.


ActiveSupport::Concern vs append_features
by Meg in Programming Languages

There is an article on ActiveSupport::Concern hooks. Here's a working implementation in Rails:

module ActionController
class Base < Metal
include AbstractController::Layouts
module AbstractController
module Layouts
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
include Rendering
included do

Modules in ruby with Concern - DRY
by htcg1htcg1 in Programming Languages

I have a controllor named Activities in my Rails Project, with included this Module 'Sortable':


class ActivitiesController < ApplicationController
include Sortable


module Sortable
def save_positions
@ids = params[:ids]
# ~ Converting to array separating by ',

What Is a Going Concern in Accounting Terms?
by Tom Berthon in Business
In accounting terminology, a going concern is an entity that will be able to continue to operate for a reasonable time. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changed the meaning of reasonable time in 2009 to mean at least 12 months into the future. Disclosure about whether an organization is a going concern or whether there are factors that may impair that capacity is the responsibility

Noob Concern: T-SQL sub-queries
by Finland in Databases

I've got a table bbc with the following columns:

name (refers to a name of a country within a particular region of the world)
region (continent of the world)
population (population of the country in the name name field)

The question I'm trying to answer:

Find each country that belongs to a region

OData concern for SQL injection
by fukas78 in Programming Languages

Suppose I have a DB full of health records and an ASP.NET MVC application.
Suppose someone uses the URL "/api/medicalRecords?$filter=id gt 0" to call upon an Ajax request.
This seems to me that it is open for SQL injection - just like 10-15 years ago...

Does this mean that it is by standard open to SQL injection, or does it depend on server side (I use IQueryable result an


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