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App Store Concern for iOS 6
by jfraser in Software

As the iOS 6 is available in the market and this time iOS has his on MAP. I need to post an application, this application uses the map API provided by google. Please let me know if app will get approved by app store or not. Seems they will not reject it but in that do i need to send any special notes to app store fore the same?

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ASP.NET MVC ViewModel Concern
by Stuka in Programming Languages

Should i consider ASP.NET MVC ViewModels only containing flat and primitypes types or it should contains complex Core/Domain model types ?

I'm looking for best practices.


Do the UI first with SketchFlow - Do I concern about the UI look?
by Martin Koch in Development Tools & Services

There is no questions: UI-First Software Development. But what does it takes to do the UI first?

I started to build a website, a complicated one, and know I start to concern about the UI. Instead to start coding html+css, I decided to start with SkecthFlow. now, I'm very confused. Do I want to build a exact sketch? meaning to think about colors, fonts make sure that the button will

gpl licence concern
by Vrki in Web Design

when you use and edit something under GPL licence ? say a program or website design template ,
how should I write the copy rights now of the new product ?

p.s "licence are PITA I never get the sooo many terms and regulations!, i just need simple human answer please."

TAGS : licence concern

is there any cause for concern using log4net with .NET 3.5 and later
by ChrisMe in Development Tools & Services

I have read this page and noticed that .NET 3.5 is not specifically listed. Is this cause for concern?

ActiveSupport::Concern vs append_features
by Meg in Programming Languages

There is an article on ActiveSupport::Concern hooks. Here's a working implementation in Rails:

module ActionController
class Base < Metal
include AbstractController::Layouts
module AbstractController
module Layouts
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
include Rendering
included do

ActiveSupport::Concern BUG or Iam wrong
by Tennessee in Web Design

Hi Iam having a problem with ActiveSupport::Concern, I think Iam using it in the correct way but when I run my tests I cannot make it pass the validation check_eu_ust_indent_number runs even I have set

with_options if: :is_invoice_or_credit_note? do |inv|

inside the included method, this Module is included in a Model, but I don't know what is wrong with this. (is it a

Concern regarding Google API Gauge
by IeraseU in Development Tools & Services

Before I proceed to what i plan to do, I would like first to know if it is possible for Google Gauges images of gauges be changed according to what I want... I mean the display/image of the gauge in the api shall be manipulated/set by my code. Is that possible? I'm still googling about it and found none so far so I thought of asking here.

i appreciate any help. Thank you.


Concern on the concept of syncpoint from WMQ
by South Korea in Web Design

I'm kind of confused about the syncpoint from WebSphere MQ. According to the reference from the WMQ Infocenter, the syncpoint is defined as below:

The decision to commit or back out the changes is taken, in the simplest case, at the end of a task. However, it can be more useful for an application to synchronize data changes at other logical points within a task. These

About merging concern in subversion/git
by Topher Cyll in Development Tools & Services

I have a file.txt in trunk and i created a branch based on the trunk called Branch.
The file.txt contains the following as the content:

And In the branch, i modified the file.txt to be


So after I merged the branch back to the truck, then file.txt becomes this: (I believe I did

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