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How to Transpose Concert F to Concert B Flat
by ghost recon88 in Arts & Entertainment
The strength of an orchestra or band lies in its diversity of instrumentation. This diversity can become confusing when not every instrument uses the same reference pitch. For example, instruments such as the French horn produce a pitch of F when playing the note C. A tenor saxophone will produce a pitch of Bb when playing the same note as written. In order to merge several types of instruments wi

How to Go to a Hip Hop Concert
by Topher Cyll in Arts & Entertainment
Concerts are a great way to see how artists perform outside the constraints of a recording studio. Hip Hop artists bring a whole new level of audience participation into their performances. Often, the audience has a role to play that determines the energy level the concert achieves.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Get there early. Hip Hop fans are serious about the music. Be the first in
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How to Get to Know a Guy at a Concert
by Zack Harvey in Culture & Society
Many women have found that concerts are swarming with hot guys, and not only those in the band. However, with loud music playing and crowds head-banging, a concert venue can often be a difficult place to get to know someone. With a few slick moves, though, gathering bits and pieces of likes, dislikes and personality quirks of a guy at a concert is easier than you may think.Difficulty:Moderately E
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How to Find the Right Row for a Concert
by sdifox in Arts & Entertainment
When you purchase tickets to see your favorite musician or band, you pay for the type of seating, with the more expensive seats coming closer to the stage. However, each concert and venue is different. For example, rock concerts allow individuals to pay for seated tickets but individuals can also attend the mosh pit area. Seats are often divided into sections, rows and seat number, with each piece
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What Is the Concert Overture?
by sadboy in Arts & Entertainment
A concert overture is a narrative orchestral composition with only one movement. It's distinguished from the overture to an opera or suite in that it isn't the prelude to a larger symphonic work. Program MusicProgram music was first composed during the Renaissance, but reached its greatest popularity during the Romantic Period of approximately 1850 to 1900. Composers used traditional operatic o

How to Dye Concert Shirts
by Igal in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Those who frequent concerts can certainly grow a large collection of concert T-shirts. Although most concert shirts only come in white, gray or black, you can easily dye your concert shirts any color to make them a little more unique and colorful. To dye your shirts, keep in mind that white or gray shirts will dye the best, with white giving you the brightest colors. Black can only be dyed dark br
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How to Set Up the Stage for a Concert
by frogger9 in Arts & Entertainment
Stage setup is crucial to an effective and streamlined concert. Kiss wouldn't be able to pull off its theatrics and pyrotechnics without attention to detail in stage setup. Stage setups vary in terms of how many artists are involved and the individual needs of each artist. Each piece of equipment has its place. It is critical to set up the stage correctly, so that the band and the audience can enj
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How to Set Up a Rock Concert
by Longchao Dong in Arts & Entertainment
A successful rock concert requires plenty of organization. Besides finding the acts and selling tickets you will need to consider security requirements, food and beverage, venue, technical equipment and -- most importantly -- promotion of the gig. To ensure your concert rocks, get help from as many people as you can, stay focused, pay attention to details and make sure to overestimate timing and c
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How to Have a Benefit Concert
by LinnheCreative in Culture & Society
Your passion for saving the world is matched only by your passion for music. The thought of people getting together for a night of music, dancing and raising awareness and funds sends shivers of excitement down your spine. You are not alone. Many people share your passion, and throwing a benefit concert is merely a matter of organizing them and inspiring local businesses, bands and concert venues

How to Host a Rap Concert
by SeaSerpent in Arts & Entertainment
Hosting a rap concert is no different than hosting any other type of concert. Whether the venue is a public location or a private house, the same care needs to be taken. The proper legal protection must be secured, as well as filing the proper paperwork for holding a public event. Depending on the type of rap concert being presented, there might be a specific need for security. The reputation of r
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