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How to configure logs/catalina.out of tomcat 6 for per-app. (Configure web-app specific log file for sys.out, sys.err)
by Engr62 in Development Tools & Services

Requirement is this ...

We have our 3 web-applications deployed in RHEL-5 server, we deployed apps with tomcat 6.0.16.
We want to configure stdout, stderr, which are coming in tomcat/logs/catalina.out in app specific log file like,


we are using log4j, but it is only generating logg

generate configure.ac and configure script
by ElFenix in Web Design

This is my source tree:

client (dir with a lot of c files inside)
FTPUtils --> bin /
server (dir with a lot of c files inside)

I've read some autoconf tutorial but i didn't understand how to make a general configure.ac, Makef

How to Configure Struts & Configure XML
by luci5r in Internet
If you plan to implement a lot of Java applets on your web server and need a developing working environment, then you will likely use Apache Struts. Apache Struts is an application framework that installs onto the Apache web server. The Apache web server naturally has XML installed and configured and so will not require any additional work. Once Struts is installed, you configure each new applicat

Is there a difference between log4net.Config.BasicConfigurator.Configure() and log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator.Configure()?
by l2ez4m in Programming Languages

I'm using log4Net for my logging. I also have the following set...

<log4net debug="true"> .. </>

Ok, now, when i have the following code


I don't really get any verbose internal-debug info but I do get displayed anything I log.

Now, when i swa

Any difference between configure.ac and configure.in, and Makefile.am and Makefile.in?
by TreVader in Web Design

I have seen both in different things I have configured. What I the difference? Is it notable to use only one? Or does it not matter which one to use?

How to Configure Vim Without X
by zdyne in Computers
Vim is an open-source editor that is compatible with the original visual editor for Unix, Bill Joy's Vi. It is included in most Linux distributions, replacing Vi as the default, and is available on most Unix systems as an extra package that you can install. To increase Vim's speed and performance on your system, you may want to configure Vim without X11 support. Disabling X11 and GUI support in Vi

How to Configure APN
by qba73 in Electronics
You must configure your phone's APN settings to access your mobile provider's Internet service. Although most providers configure your settings automatically when you enable a data plan on your device, you might need to do so if you are using another provider's phone on your current network. APN settings include an address, username and password. Your provider might not require a username and pass
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How to Configure AWR for 11G
by acacio in Computers
If you use Oracle Database 11g software, you can utilize the Automatic Workload Repository. AWR, first introduced in Oracle Database 10g, is a part of Oracle STATSPACK, the software that analyzes and reports your server loads. AWR can be used to measure various server performance issues, for example. To configure AWR on Oracle Database 11g, you can set up AWR baselines -- the AWR tests -- in the c
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How to Configure IAS
by Mutilator in Computers
Microsoft used the Internet Authentication Service -- or IAS -- to implement the Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service server and proxy. Known as RADIUS, it was the most commonly used client-server protocol in 2000. IAS handled a computer’s authentication, authorization, auditing and accounting when the computer accessed networks through dial-up, wireless or authenticating switch. IAS w
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How to Configure SSH in AIX
by Dave Lievense in Computers
Once you have installed openSSH (the secure shell module compatible with AIX), you will need to configure it for your server. With openSSH configured, you will be able to connect to your AIX machine remotely and securely. AIX is a Unix-based operating system often used and developed for Web server or administrative use. SSH uses authenticated keys to protect your connections.Difficulty:EasyInstruc
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