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Always confused between << and >>
by Salikh in Web Design

I am always confused between those two operators, I don't know what makes
the number lower or larger.

Someone can tell me how to remember what each of those operators does? (Signs, some examples and etc.)

Confused about ASP.NET MVC
by luger in ASP & ASP.net

I have a database table called "Warehouse" this Warehouse's linked to a "Product" table (1 to many relationship). How do I in ASP.NET MVC:

Create a warehouse view/page with the total number of products in this warehouse displayed
On the same view/page display the product id and name and qty as textfields (allow editing) prepopulated
On the same view/page have a save bottom. i
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A bit confused about OOP and PHP
by markku in PHP

I have programmed with procedural style a lot before and in these few months I have decided to go OOP.

Im a bit confused about OOP and PHP. Lets say I have Categories table and Pages table in my database. I would like to do a page-class and a category-class.

Lets say I would have a page that showed information about the category and there would be a list of pages that b

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Confused with ASP.Net MVC
by Star Gryphon in ASP & ASP.net

I'm trying to figure out the difference between ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. Mode-View-Controller called a MVC is a development model/pattern/programming model, right? It is just a way the code can be written by a developer to have full control over the code. If that is the case what are MVC 1, MVC 2 etc. released by Microsoft and the 'special framework' for MVC pattern?

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little help, bit confused
by ChrisMe in Programming Languages

Correct the following erroneous definition of method getAge()

public void getAge()
return age;

Paste your answer in here:

public int getAge(int age)
return age;

Mark: 0 out of 1


* Test 1 (0.0 out of 1)
Person.java:15: getAge(int) in

Confused by Use of ~ in ASP.NET
by jbcrail in Programming Languages

I am programming for the first time in ASP.NET. It's proven to be very easy and I'm really enjoying it. One feature I like is that, within a web page, I can reference files from root by using the tilde (~) character and then the rest of the path. However, this does not seem to be consistent. For example, it works within the context of href, e.g.

<link href="~/css/StyleShee
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Confused on CTS in .net
by TheMoo in Programming Languages

CTS does all the required conversion of datatypes so as to enable the execution of code by .net. Then how come when we try to implement pointers it is not mapped by it rather we have to explicitly convert the code ?

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Confused about using Fragments in the app
by David in Programming Languages

I have a full-fledged app which is NOT developed using Fragments. My confusion is that should I change it to have Fragments instead of Activities. The thing that I would like to tell is that I'm using only portrait orientation in my application and it is built, keeping in mind only phones, not tablets. So my question is, will it do any good if I change th

confused about UIGraphicGetCurrentContext()
by jfraser in Mobile Programming

I am doing some customization and facing with

CGContextRef context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext();

My question : what is the default size for this context and how the size of this context is defined.

Edit :

I am asking because I am following tutorial at link1 and at link2...

Please look at a context, when we have the bac

Confused about using XPath or not
by Stjepan in Programming Languages

This follows my previous questions on using lxml and Python.

I have a question, as to when I have a choice between using the methods provided by the lxml.etree and where I can make use of XPath, what should I use?

For example, to get a list of all the X tags in a XML document, I could either iterate through it using the getiterator() of lxml.etree, or I cou

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