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How to Say Congratulations
by davidg in Relationships & Family
If you know someone who you want to say congratulations to, but aren't sure of the best way to do it, this article will help you out. There are three important steps to saying congratulations in a way that the person will truly appreciate and I will show you each below.Difficulty:EasyInstructions How to Say CongratulationsBe creative! Don't give a typical 'congratulations' letter that most peop

Congratulations Gifts for Men
by Blue in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
When a man is celebrating a special achievement such as a promotion, marriage or retirement, a congratulatory gift can be hard to find. Also, men don't tend to collect jewelry or quaint household items. You can buy only so many neckties. However, with a little creative thought, a gift can be found that he will cherish forever. Story of a Lifetime JournalSome men find it difficult or tedious to

Flowers for Congratulations
by Thomas Gueze in Holidays & Celebrations
Gain inspiration from the "Language of Flowers" when sending floral arrangements as a congratulatory gesture. The Language of Flowers is a tradition which has evolved over generations, attributing meaning or significance to specific flower types. For example, begonias express "beware," making them a less than enthusiastic expression of congratulations. For the HumbleWhen congratulating a humble

Etiquette for Congratulations
by Lafe in Business
Giving congratulations to somebody for achieving a goal is an important part of our lives. There are many different reasons to give somebody congratulations, from a job promotion to having a new baby. Using proper congratulation etiquette helps you make sure that your congratulations isn't communicated improperly or rudely. Opening AcknowledgmentMake sure you start by acknowledging the person's

Congratulations Gifts
by Rob Archer in Culture & Society
When there is an occasion that calls for celebration, a gift is one way to say congratulations. There are many different types of gifts that you can choose while keeping in mind the recipient's likes and dislikes. Congratulations gifts can be for anything from baby's birth to graduations and weddings. Themed Gift BasketsThemed gift baskets can be customized to congratulate many accomplishments.

Congratulations Gifts for a New Baby Boy & Mom
by Johan_B in Holidays & Celebrations
The arrival of a baby boy is a very special time for the mother and entire family, and is a good reason to celebrate and congratulate her and her newborn. The best gifts are those that are both functional and thoughtful. New moms have plenty to do to keep them busy, so avoid gifts that might distract her from caring for the newborn. Congratulations Gift BasketGift baskets are a thoughtful way t

How to Word Congratulations on Your Graduation
by Pradeep Gowda in Culture & Society
A personalized graduation card is much more meaningful than a generic "Congratulations on your graduation." With a little time and effort, you can personalize your sentiments with your own wording that expresses your relationship with the graduate and the genuine happiness and pride you feel for him or her. You can either make your own card or buy a blank card with a picture on the front that is m

How to Delete the 'Congratulations You Won' Voice From My PC
by acolomba in Internet
If you are browsing the Internet and a pop-up window opens that notifies you that "You Have Won!" or some other congratulatory message, you can block these messages from appearing in your browser by blocking the URL to the site in your HOSTS file. Some of the Congratulations pop-ups also include audio files that play a voice stating "Congratulations, You Have Won." When you block the source URL fr

Congratulations Gifts for New Baby
by Jerome in Parties & Entertaining
A new baby is always a reason to celebrate. Instead of sending the usual bouquet of flowers, bless the parents by choosing a thoughtful, useful or sentimental gift to congratulate them on the arrival of their new little one. Whether your budget is big or small, the parents are sure to be thankful for the thought that went into your gift. FoodIt's a fact: New parents don't have much, if any, tim

Congratulations Gift Ideas
by Rob Archer in Holidays & Celebrations
Spread encouragement and a positive attitude by congratulating the people around you on their life accomplishments. All it takes is a pat on the back to show appreciation for a person. But when you take the extra step of purchasing a congratulatory gift, you are showing you mean what you say. Your New BabyCongratulate parents on the birth of a new child by making or buying a diaper cake for the

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