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How to Run for Congress
by Igal in Culture & Society
Serving your country as a member of Congress is a dream that many young people have, but it usually represents years of work within the political system. It's crucial that a potential candidate understand how the system works and how to establish the reputation necessary earn the trust of an electorate. Then it's a matter of rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work.Difficulty:ChallengingIn
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What Does Congress Do?
by htcg1htcg1 in Culture & Society
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What Are Three Duties of Congress?
by Delaware in Culture & Society
The United States has three branches of government. The president heads the executive branch and has duties such as commanding the military and vetoing laws. The judicial branch is where a system of courts interpret laws; for example, the U.S. Supreme Court rules on cases regarding states' rights. The legislative branch is the law-making branch comprising the Senate; the U.S. House of Representati

How to Break a Tie in Congress
by eskimospy in Legal
The United States Congress is comprised of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. The number of representatives a state has is contingent upon the population of the state; the more people in the state, the more congressmen. There are two senators per state, regardless of population, which means there are 100 senators in Congress. In total, Congress is composed of 541 lawmakers -- 4
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How Do I Run for Congress in Florida?
by KingGuppy in Culture & Society
Most of those running for Congress have held some other political office or may be important in big business. They are affiliated with the political party of their choice and generally adhere to the principles that party endorses. Their positions on campaign issues are in keeping with the particular party they represent. Often voters will vote for them based on party affiliation because they suppo
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What Is the Main Job of Congress?
by lewing in Culture & Society
The United States government differs in organization from many other western democracies. The Founding Fathers applied the notion of checks and balances to their government organization. Congress is one of three separate branches, which must act in conjunction to effectively make and enforce laws. That distinction--and Congress's separate status from the president, who serves as the perceived head
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How to Intern With Congress
by mikko in Careers & Job Searching
Congressional internships are extremely competitive because of the valuable learning experience and networking opportunities that come along with the position. Interns with Congress work directly with a senator or member of the House of Representatives. Congressional interns work on projects, communicate with and articulate the needs of constituents and witness firsthand the legislative process.Di

How to Get Congress to Change a Law
by pttr in Culture & Society
If you want to get Congress to change a law, get involved in the process. Begin by contacting your members of Congress. Remember, they represent you; letting them know where you stand on an issue of concern is essential. Calls, faxes, letters and emails from constituents can greatly influence the actions of your elected representatives.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll
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How to Petition Congress
by CodeOfficer in Culture & Society
The right to petition Congress is one that is given to all citizens of the United States, and is outlined in the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. Knowing how to effectively petition is important in ensuring that members of Congress understand the importance the country's citizens place on legislative issues. Drafting a clear and direct petition helps to make yours stand out from the masses

How Congress Works
by vylycyn in Culture & Society
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