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common lisp cons creates a list from two symbols, clojure cons requires a seq to cons onto?
by kaktos in Programming Languages

(Disclaimer - I'm aware of the significance of Seqs in Clojure)

In common lisp the cons function can be used to combine two symbols into a list:

(def s 'x)
(def l 'y)
(cons s l)

In clojure - you can only cons onto a sequence - cons hasn't been extended to work with two symbols. So you have to write:

(def s 'x)
(def l

Lisp difference between (cons 'a (cons 'b 'c)) and (cons 'a '(b.c))
by Mikebob in Programming Languages

What's the difference between:

(cons 'a (cons 'b 'c)) ;; (A B . C)


(cons 'a '(b.c)) ;; (A B.C)

I need to create the following list ((a.b).c) using cons so i'm trying to understand what that "." represents.

L.E.: I have the following (cons (cons 'a 'b) 'c) but it produces ((A . B) . C)

What Are the Cons of ERP?
by rcpratt in Computers
ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is an integration of information technology with practices of business management. Modern technology merges with core business processes to accomplish different business objectives. Essentially, ERP combines three components: Information technology, business management practices, and specific business objectives. Basically, ERP is a compute
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The Cons of an LED LCD
by HidingInABunker in Computers
LCD monitors, whether used for televisions or laptop screens, don't actually emit any light themselves. Instead, the molecules in an LCD screen move in response to electrical fields, thereby creating a shutter to block whichever backlight that screen uses. Traditionally, television and laptop screens used cold-cathode fluorescent lamps as backlight. However, the use of LED screens in laptops and t
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LLC Cons
by Jonathan in Business
A Limited Liability Company, commonly referred to as an LLC, is popular according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The pros of a LLC are that it's similar to a corporation--another type of business--because partners' personal responsibilities for debts are limited. Another pro of a LLC is that owners can be individuals or other businesses. You can even be listed as a member of a LLC company.
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The Cons of CRM
by mg. in Business
The cons, or negatives, associated with implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have to do with poor software fit and poor implementation. CRM can be a bad fit for certain sales processes, but it is much more likely that a negative impact is due to poor implementation approaches and misunderstanding of the impact of moving to a new software system. Most cons can be eliminated with
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Pro and Cons of PMI Certification
by Alan Xu in Careers & Job Searching
PMI Certification is a prestigious certification from the Project Management Institute, which the ISO 9001 accredits for validation in management systems, according to PMI. Anyone from any industry can earn a certification, although earning and having a PMI certification is especially useful in the area of information technology, where project management functions are at the heart of almost any jo

Cons of Refinancing
by hunaid mushtaq in Personal Finance
When mortgage rates drop significantly, homeowners often flock to lenders to refinance their mortgages and secure low interest rates for the duration of their loans. Although refinancing has potential benefits in the form of savings on interest payments, you should also consider some of the potential drawbacks before committing to refinance your mortgage. Up-Front FeesRefinancing includes many
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Pro & Cons of the SAT Test
by Valentine in Education
The Standardized Admission Test is the U.S. education system's most widely used college admission exam. High school students take the SAT in both their junior and senior year. The score they get on the test often determines their placement in colleges. The highest a students can score on the SAT is 2400. The score tests both english and math capabilities and are split into several sections that te
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Annuity Cons
by Jorgemr in Personal Finance
In an annuity, an individual invests a sum of money with an insurance company and in return, receive "annuitized" regular payments. Often, annuities are used for retirement; they offer a means of keeping money in a tax-deferred status and then provide regular, risk-free dividends. However, in many situations, annuities exact high fees and merely duplicate the tax advantages already available throu
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