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MEF consideration
by akiin in Programming Languages

I have following problem (dont read first part, only edit) with ExportLifetimeContext and ExportFactory:

MEF: Silverlight. ExportLifetimeContext null reference

I also have one more question if it is bad idea to create shared export via GetExport method and release it when I close the window ? In Mef documentation they advice to release the non-shared exports only.

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Does TimeZoneInfo take DST into consideration?
by MadViking in Programming Languages

Does C# take Daylight savings time into consideration when converting between timezones?

I have a source date which is in the current time in London, and I want to convert it to my timezone (CET). Here's the code I'm using.

DateTime time = DateTime.ParseExact(timeString, "HH:mm", null);
time = DateTime.SpecifyKind(time, DateTimeKind.Unspecified);
//Convert i

How to Remove Yourself From the Consideration for a Job
by DarkKnightDude in Careers & Job Searching
Job searching is often a time-consuming and stressful experience, especially during periods of economic hardship. The application process is the first step in being considered for a job, but situations may arise where it is no longer in your best interest to remain in contention. A variety of issues impact the decision to remove yourself from the narrowed-down list of candidates, but how you do so

What Do People Take Into Consideration When Looking for a Job?
by SMOGZINN in Business
Looking for a job can be both stressful and exciting. Whether you are a new graduate, or looking because your previous position was eliminated, or you want to find a new job because your current employment isn't right for you, you want an employer who will meet your needs and make going to work a pleasure. Job RequirementsAn important consideration when choosing a job are the tasks involved in

ASP.NET Design Consideration
by nsavop in Programming Languages

We are developing a Medical Data Analysis Application. We have a discussion to go for either
NHibernate or DB4o.Can you please give a suggestion for choosing the efficient one.

Consideration to create a UI for CrouseControl.net
by ElMonoDelMar in Programming Languages

As CrouseControl.net is an open source software and it is a good CI tool, I'm going to create a UI which make configuration easier than tricking XML.

So What are the considerations and necessities. I also need to know about any documentation which may help me to implement UI.

like a XML tag refrences or something else.

any help will appriciated.

Consideration DECS vs SSIS?
by Pierre LeBoo in Databases

I need solution to pump data from Lotus Notes to SqlServer. Data will be transfered in 2 modes

Archive data transfer
Current data transfer

Availability of data in Sql is not critical, data is used for reports. Reports could be created daily, weekly or monthly.

I am considering to choose from one of those solutions: DESC and SSIS. Could You please give me some t

Do you take into consideration DialUp connections still?
by Rob Northen in Web Design

I'm working on a web application that has a lot to download (javascript, images, videos, etc), and I was wondering how many people still consider dial up while developing large web applications?

Is there a rule of thumb that you use to determine the individual page sizes? (i.e. home page must be less than 200k)

Army Consideration of Others Training
by Omer72 in Careers & Job Searching
Unit cohesion is an important concept in the U.S. Army. A team that doesn't mesh well will have a more difficult time completing mission objectives. Army Consideration of Others (CO2) training was developed to provide a way for soldiers to become more aware of how their actions affect others and to be considerate of their fellow soldiers. Unit leadership administers the training in small group ses

Tax Consideration of Capital Structure
by DJ-phYre in Personal Finance
A company goes through many considerations in choosing its capital structure, and one of those considerations is the tax impact. The two options for capital are debt and equity. One of them receives a tax break but increases the financial risk of a company while the other one does not share those same qualities. Capital StructureThe definition of capital structure is how a company is financed.

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