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Design of a header, content and footer display with all jsp content displayed in the content section
by bhupesh in Web Design

I have some experience developing basic web apps using .net but being a java programmer I have little experience with CSS, AJAX and javascript frameworks etc.
I usually design the main homepage of my web app using a frameset. Example:

<frameset rows="26%,74%" frameborder="0">
<frame name="Top" src="FrameTop.aspx" scrolling="no">

Orchard CMS: Is it possible to add BeforeContent, Content, and AfterContent content when editing a content page?
by Marc Dong in Web Design

Is it possible when editing a content page to have a text box for Content, BeforeContent, and AfterContent?

I would like to break up my articles into sections such as introduction, core, and summary so that each part gets styled differently in the Layout.cshtml. The only way I can think to do this is to create a layer for each content page then add html widgets for the BeforeContent

In Drupal 7, can you create a field in a content type which lets you add content of another content type and keep the reference?
by tanminivan in Web Design

Imagine the following content types:

Content Type A
- Title
- Field with a link "Add content of type B"

Content Type B
- Title
- Node Reference

If one adds content of the content type A and views this node, there shall be a Link/what ever which says "Add content of type B". When clicking this link (/node/add/b), there shall be a direct ref

Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls in ASP.NET
by Sascha Brossmann in Programming Languages

I have an application which will have master page as well as child pages. My application is working fine on local host (on intranet). But as I am putting that on server that is on internet, I am getting below shown error after clicking on any menus.

Please help me out how to resolve this problem.

How do I programmatically upload pics and content on Google Content Delivery Network using jquery
by bigben2wardpitt in Programming Languages

I want upload and download my web application contents and pics on GCDN .How can i perform this task using JQUery Api of Google Content Delivery Network .

IE's XMLhttpRequest's getResponseHeader(“Content-Length”) absent when Content-Encoded sent
by TreVader in Web Design

Why won't IE let me see the get the Content-Length header with getResponseHeader()?

I know there the headers are being sent; I can see them with Wireshark. IE just won't let me get them.

If the Content-Encoding header is NOT sent, regardless of if the content-is gzipped or not, I can get them just fine.

Sample Code:

function ge

Developing Custom DocumentSet Content Type that includes other Document Content Types
by CodeAndLearn in Programming Languages

I have sucessfully created and deployed a couple of new content types in Visual Studio. One is based on a Document Set and the others are based on Documents. What I want to do is specify the "Default Content Type", "Shared Columns" of the Document Set. I also want to specifiy my addition document types to be in the "Allowed Content Type" list for the Document Set. I know how to do this the

Drupal - updating content type with new fields doesn't update existing content
by Marc Dong in Web Design

Quick question I think...

I've made a drupal site which has some custom content types. I've created a load of records with these, and then I've had to amend the custom content type to change one of the fields and give it a new default value.

The problem is that existing records do not update with this default value. Apparently i've got to go and re-edit everything to add

Does anyone know a good jQuery content slider that auto resizes the height of the containing div depending on content?
by Ken in Programming Languages

I am building a website and have a div containing quotes from books. I would ideally like the div to show one quote at a time and probably just fade in and out between them. I was thinking of using something like the jQuery Cycle plugin and having prev and next arrows.

The quotes however are purely textual and are of various lengths, therefore it would be nice if I could perhaps get

Dynamically adding content to HTML page using JavaScript (and JQuery) - how to access new content?
by her209 in Javascript

I have a HTML file that contains only the basic elements (html, head, body, ...) and I want to fill it up with content stored in an external file ("content.html") in my case, using JavaScript (and JQuery). I have accomplished that with function $.get(), but I don't know, how to access the information I got with this function.

For example, I want to throw an alert if a link is clicke

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