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MySQL - Search and replace table1.field's contents with contents of table2.otherfield
Category : Databases

I need a MySQL query that will do the following:

Instead of the alpha team names in the 3rd column of the players table, I want it to reference teams.id

table: players
id player_name team
1 Sue Smith Silly Chimps
2 Mike Olson Black Cats
3 Tim

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Change multiple element contents/background depending on slider contents
Category : Web Design

I have made an image using photoshop of a mock design of the page so you can visually see what I am trying to achieve.

Please look at the image at the end of this question whilst trying to answer.

Updated Question:
At this moment in time I have no code, I was wondering if someone could point me in the correct direction. I am making an online application using Ruby o

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Merging contents of array / hash (keys and contents) in Ruby
Category : Programming Languages

Arg! Someone replied with an answer, just as I edited the below! So I've put it back to what I had before.

** Original array setup **

myArray = [{"papers"=>[[1,2,3],[1,3,2]], "value"=>"1"},
{"papers"=>[[2,1,3],[2,3,1]], "value"=>"1"},
{"papers"=>[[1,2,3],[1,3,2]], "value"=>"0.5"}]

I need to merge

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C++ : Two pointers (supposedly) to the same address. Changing contents of one of them don't change the contents of the other
Category : Programming Languages

I am new in C++ and arduino and I not understanding what is going on.

The problem is :

I have the variables below :

char *_array;
char _data[2];

When I do : _array = data; And then I change the contents of _data, like data[0] = 'C', data[1] = 'D'. The contents of _array don't change, and I ne

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Comparing file contents and table contents - Encoding issues?
Category : Programming Languages

I read the contents of a file into a datatable using the following method:

public static DataTable GetFileContents(string filePath, IEnumerable<string> columnNames)
using (var conn = new StreamReader(filePath,Encoding.Unicode))
string strLine;
var dt = new DataTable();

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Batch search txt, extract contents, merge contents in a single txt
Category : Programming Languages

"Main" folder






Hi, I have a Main folder, a secondary folder and its several child named "folder-A, folder-B ... folder-N". Each child has txt files with lots of information in them.

I would like to read each folder (only folders A to N), collect the information

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Check if list1 contents matches list2 contents
Category : Programming Languages

I have 2 lists with some data in:

List1.Add(new Filter { Name = "Foo", Value = "Bar" });
List2.Add(new Filter { Name = "Foo", Value = "Bar" });

I would like to use Linq to return true if List1 contains ALL the values in List2, the example above would obviously return true but this is an example but if I added


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How to get NLog to parse contents of file-contents renderer?
Category : Programming Languages

I have an NLog target:

<target name="AspNetAsyncWrapperForMail" xsi:type="ASPNetBufferingWrapper">
<target name="mail" xsi:type="Mail"
subject="Error: ${callsite:includeSourcePath=False}"

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Replace the contents of a github repository with the contents of a folder
Category : Operating Systems

I'm trying to replace the contents of a github repository with the contents of a folder. I've tried git push, but it doesn't seem to do anything unless I add each of the files individually using the command line. Is there any command that I can use to replace the contents of the repository with the folder's contents?

My repository is here: https://github.com/jarble/down

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jQuery - get contents of selected element (not html of its contents)
Category : Programming Languages

Say I have the following html:

<div id="myDiv" title="My Div">This is me!</div>

I want to write a jquery statement such that the result is the entire line above as a string.

I almost want something like:
var selectedHtml = $("#myDiv").self(); (I know that's not valid jquery) which results in selectedHtml

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