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LocalBroadcastManager vs Context.registerReceiver(), Context.sendBroadcast(Intent), and Context.unregisterReceiver() are they same?
by Jarques in Programming Languages

I was using Context.registerReceiver(), Context.sendBroadcast(Intent) , and Context.unregisterReceiver()

but when I saw the class LocalBroadcastManager, it has registerReceiver(), sendBroadcast(Intent) ,andunregisterReceiver() like in Context.

I'm confused. When should I use the LocalBroadcastManager

After modifying attributes on a node.js vm context (sandbox), the modifications aren't seen by code in the context
by PokerGuy in Web Design

I'm working on tests for the Backbone.dualStorage plugin for Backbone.js that replaces Backbone.sync.

This is a browser plugin, but I'm using jasmine-node to test it. I load the coffeescript source into the node environment to simulate the browser window using vm.createContext:

vm = require 'vm'
fs = require 'fs'
coffee = require

Is the “top level context object” in Ruby like the global context in JavaScript?
by cheese_doodle in Javascript

Suppose I write a Ruby script with not class definition. I can still create class variables and class level instance variables:

@@var = "class variable!";
@var = "class instance variable!";
puts @@var;
puts @var;

These variables belong to a top-level context object.

Is this top-level context object similar to the global context in J

Core Graphics questions regarding context. CGContextFillRects: invalid context 0xa88a500
by Ryan in Operating Systems

Usually when you draw in a invalid context, you see something like invalid context 0x00, but this is not the case, as I see an address. And all my Core Graphics code is inside drawRect of a view.
Sometimes, not always, I see:
": CGContextFillRects: invalid context 0xa88a500"
Sometimes it seems my code works but others fail.
What I want to draw is something like a mask.

Create a context to a local database using a context class from a WCF data service
by aaffleck in Programming Languages

I have created a helloworld app. On the server-side there is a model class generated by Entity Framework and a WCF data service. In my WP7 app I added a reference to this service. It allowed me to do something like that:

DataServiceCollection<Blogs> blogs;
BlogContext svc; // this class was generated with the model class by EF
Uri uri = new Uri("http://localhost:9

Jquery - Context of ajax callbacks not adhering to supplied context argument
by saikoh in Web Design

I have a jquery plugin which I use to wrap all my ajax calls. It's intended to do some generic pre/post processing of input/output data.

(function ($) {
$.ajaxCall = function () {
var myCall = this;
myCall.settings = {};
myCall.ExecuteService = function (caller) {
var ajax = $.ajax({
type: 'POST

ERROR org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader - Context initialization failed,urgent please any one help me
by Jesse in Web Design

I am new please help me where the exact problem is.

ERROR org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader - Context initialization failed
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'sessionFactory' defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/dataAccessContext.xml]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is org.hibernate.Hib

Context.MODE_WORLD_READABLE permission to FileOutputStream(file,append) without context.openFileOutput
by Creig in Programming Languages

I am trying to add Context.MODE_WORLD_READABLE permission to FileOutputStream(file,append) which is only possible in context.openFileOutput(name,Context.MODE_WORLD_READABLE) but i dont need openFileOutput since I am not able to make sub directories and also i need append mode true.

What can i do???

Thanks In Advance

Overriding the bean defined in parent context in a child context
by Justin Chen in Web Design

Our app has a requirement to support multi-tenancy. Each of the boarded customer might potentially override 1 or more beans or some properties of a bean defined at the core platform level (common code/definitions). I am wondering what is the best way to handle this.

Can tab refer to other context element(panel) instead of the tab's context when I use jQuery UI 1.9 Tabs
by Hubb1e in Programming Languages

I want to use jQuery UI 1.9 Tabs like this way:


<!-- this is the tab's context -->
<div id="tabs">
<ul id="tabs-ul">
<li id="tabs-email"><a href="#Email" title="Email">Email</li>
<li id="tabs-setting"><a href="#Settings" title="Settings">Setting</li>

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