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convert the first 10 items in a list to an image, then convert subsequent groups on click with jQuery
by dluu2 in Programming Languages

I'm converting anchors to images, fading them into the page in order, then removing the anchor (and parent li) from the page.

I'd like to load in the first 10 items from the list, then loads in additional groups of 10 by clicking a load-more button. Not really sure what the best way to do this is. I appreciate your help.

Markup is below, everything works app

How to convert convert type System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection to string[]
by mhedberg in Programming Languages

some set of functions in my class library accepts string[] as parameter i want to convert my System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection to string array. is it possible with some one liner or i have to create array with loop?

convert file into high frequency sound wave, and convert it back
by KaoFloppy in Web Design

I have read a novel about hacking. In the book i read that the hacker convert the file into high frequency sound wave, from the beep of POST sound. And he record it with mobile phone, then on his computer he reconverted the sound file into the Original file. I want to know how to do that? By help of which software?

Convert “minutes since midnight” to time (convert to NSDate?)
by deanschang in Mobile Programming

I am getting some open/closed times as integers since midnight. For example:

"1140" = 19:00 (or 7 pm if you will) or;
"570" = 9:30 (or 9.30 am)

I can easily get the time in European format, just by doing doing a simple calculation and formatting:

[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d:00", (T / 60)]

However, this doesn't work for half h

django app - i completed app using SQLITE3 but want to convert to postgreSql to deply to heroku ,how to convert?
by aShufflinZombie in Web Design

I am using windows .I want to deploy my django app on Heroku .I got errors doing that and came to know that it supports postgresql database but i used SQLITE3. So, how can i convert to Postgresql ? Is changing Engine, databasename, username, pwd in settings.py enough or any more cahnges ? Also, after making changes, is my code still valid, or do i need to change everything, like queries and oth

convert hyphen to zero in data frame then convert affected columns to numeric in R
by tolis626 in Development Tools & Services

I have data sets in which a hyphen is used in place of the number zero, as in the example data set my.data below. I can replace the hyphens with zeroes, but then have trouble converting the affected columns to numeric. My actual data sets are very large with many columns and I do not know which columns will contain hyphens. The data sets are also too large and complex for me to

ImageMagick: Error while running convert: convert: unable to read font
by davidg in Web Design

I'm on Mountain Lion and installed ImageMagick using Homebrew (minimagick is also in my Gemfile but I don't think that's relevant). SimpleCaptcha uses it in a Rails app to create CAPTCHAs.

However, the image isn't created cause of this error:

Error while running convert: convert: unable to read font `/usr/local/share/ghostscript/fonts/n019003l.pfb' @ error/annotate.c

php convert floating point to long (convert to string to pass to a xml function)
by venom361 in Coding

PHP converts a large number to floating point which I need in "long" format to pass to a soap xml api.


This gives the result:


Whereas, what I need is:


in order to pass to the api

How to tell Nokogiri when parsing a document not to convert it a different encoding (in my case not to convert &paund; to to anything else)
by HtW in Web Design

How do I tell Nokogiri not to convert a document to a different encoding, in my case not to convert &paund; to to anything else?

I have a file containing:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
Java bit operations error (convert to byte and convert back)
by fayoh in Programming Languages

I'm trying to convert date of birth (three ints) to byte and convert it back but I'm having an issue. I have to convert it by using bit operations and send data over multicast server and receive it and change back to int. Server works fine, but bit operations are hard for me. What's the matter with the code:


int D=12;
int M=9;


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