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Converting a Multidimensional Array, and/or converting to stdClass Object
by Jimzz in Programming Languages

I am having trouble with using the array provided by the Piwik API, in PHP format, as it outputs the code here:

array (
0 =>
array (
'idsite' => '2',
'name' => 'coolrob335.com',
'main_url' => 'http://coolrob335.com',
'ts_created' => '2012-06-02 21:05:56',
'ecommerce' => '0',
'timezone' => 'E

Converting Strings to booleans when converting XML to JSON
by Juncar in Programming Languages

This block of code essentially takes a JAXB Object and turns it into a JSONObject

StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
marshaller.marshal(jaxbObj, stringWriter);
try {
JSONObject jsonObject = XML.toJSONObject(stringWriter.toString());
} catch (JSONException e) {
Converting OCaml to F#: Converting OCaml open_box and close_box to F#
by Al Velella in Development Tools & Services

I am converting several modules based on OCaml to F# and ran into the OCaml print formatting functions open_box and close_box from the OCaml format module. After reading about the concept of a printing box, it makes sense but seems like it needs a lot of work behind the scenes to implement.

Is there an F# module that is functionally equivalent?

If not, without having to

Add element to Array by converting Array to List, adding the element and converting it back again
by joth in Programming Languages

I need to add en int element to an array.

I thought about convering the array to an arrayList, addind the int and then converting the arrayList into an array again.

As expected, I failed completely.

aGrades is an array, lGrades is an ArrayList

// add one grade from 1-5
public void enter (int grade){
ArrayList<Integer> lG

Converting OCaml to F#: Converting OCaml quotation add and quotation expander to F#
by sReas in Development Tools & Services

I am converting several modules based on OCaml to F# and ran into the OCaml 'Quotation.add' compiler directive for a quotation expander.

A quotation expander is a function written in OCaml. A call to the
Camlp4 library function 'Quotation.add' adds the quotation

Camlp4 - Tutorial, Ch. 3

After searching for both a quotation expander

Converting DAO to ADO
by sadboy in Databases

I am working with an Access 2003 database that has a subroutine using DAO code. This code loops through the table definitions and refreshes the ODBC connection string. I would like to convert this to ADO so I do not have to reference the DAO object library. Here is the code ...

Public Sub RefreshODBCLinks(newConnectionString As String)
Dim db As DAO.Database
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converting csv to xml with an xsd
by energy95 in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to find a reusable way of taking a CSV file and generating an XML file from it that conforms to a specified XSD. I haven't really found a reusable approach for this. I have used Altova MapForce which lets me import a CSV file and XSD, do the mapping than generate code from this, but the code needs to be regenerated whenever the XSD changes. Altova also produces a lot of code.

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Converting ppm to png
by Simon Dick in Programming Languages

I am working on a code and we are getting PPM as the image format, this needs to be converted to PNG and then saved. I was looking at some API's to achieve this conversion from PPM to PNG. Can this be done using GDI+, as this would become native?

If that is not possible then I think freeimage or pnglib can accomplish that, however I would prefer to use native gdi+ if possible.

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Converting C to PHP?
by Pug in PHP

Is there any tool available that takes C code as input and outputs valid PHP files?

I'd like to use the SAC API but all the implementations currently available are in C, Java, Ruby and Perl. I wonder if the C implementation can be converted to PHP easily.

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Converting PLX to DXF?
by zz64 in Web Design

I need to convert a PLX file to DXF so as to import it in CAD application on Linux.

Does anyone knows of a script/command line utility to convert PLX file to DXF ?

File reads as:

# File generated with Win32/Diamino V5R3
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